Metal trough into bathtub??

littlelightMay 1, 2006

Has anyone every made a large metal trough or bucket into a bathtub? Home companion magazine has a picture of one in this months mag. but was wondering if it works well or not. Thanks for any advice.

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That's an interestiang concept. I will have to check out that magazine and see what that looks like.

I helped clean out a house one time that had belonged to an old man who had passed away, and he had a rubber horse trough that he used for a bathtub. Not something you would want to immulate. Anxious to see what the metal tub looks like in a bathroom. (I could see maybe using one for an outside bathroom....I have thought about fixing up one of my old clawfoot tubs outside behind a trellis or in some secluded part of the yard. Too, I have no near neighbors and much privacy.)

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A bucket into a bathtub...somehow, I can't 'picture' that.
(Would like to see it though)
But it reminds me of a joke...The trouble with bucket seats is...everybody doesn't have the same size bucket.

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