What to do with 3/4ths of a crib?

alisonMay 16, 2005

Found the 2 long sides and one short side of a crib the other day. Fairly good shape; could probably use a good sanding and a coat of paint or another coat of shellac, but structurally sound.

I've liked the look of high-backed benches made with the two short sides and one long side, but what would you do with these three pieces?

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I guess the first thing that comes to mind are a trellis.

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I'm thinking a small bench/chair...using one of the side rails, cut in half, for the arms...with a couple of chair legs or decorative spindles on the front of the arms.

I'm good at picturing things...just not good at splainin' them!


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Has anybody seen instructions/tutorial on building a bench using the crib parts? I'm hardy a waif-like creature, and I'm a little nervous about building something to sit on!

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if you use the sides for trellis, then use the spindles for something else or another trellis. go to the GardenJunk and look at missmaggie's 3 posts. She painted spindles up and made a fence....adorable.

In fact, just opened flat, would make a neat garden fence that you grow vines up.

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