Bianco Romano-white or dark cabs?

drewemMay 23, 2012

I like Bianco Romano granite. I don't know if I should go with white cabinets, or dark cabinets. I've seen pics on houzz and both look great, it's hard to choose!

What your your thoughts/opinions? Do you have any pictures of your bianco with your cabs?

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With dark cabinets, the granite will be more of an eye catcher whereas with white cabinets, they will blend more. What is the lighting like in your kitchen, backsplash ideas, what color are the floors and surrounding areas, is your space modern, traditional, colonial, etc?

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Do you prefer the sharpness and highlighting aspect of contrast or the calmer, elegance of light on light? What do you want to see when you walk into your kitchen?

I used to like zing, contrast, and boldness, but with life and the house busy enough, I went with lighter tones in my kitchen for a calmer, more serene space. That's why I'm drawn to light cabinets with lighter counters now.

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I have bianco romano countertops on the perimeter of my kitchen, with dark walnut cabinets. I think it would look lovely with lighter cabinetry as well, just a different look:

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research queen-what is your backsplash? I am thinking a lighter glass tile is what I'll need and I love the different sizes of the blocks.

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bahacca, it's called vetro sfalsato bianco lux. I have been very happy with it, and it has a beautiful shimmer that does not entirely come through in the photo.

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Thanks for your input!
What a beautiful kitchen research queen! I like how you changed up the island with the darker granite, something to ponder.
Rhome, I want it to be calm and soothing, but I don't want the granite to get lost. It's beautiful and needs to be showcased. I do like the contrast of the darker cabs though.
Bahacca- it's a new build so we don't have anything picked out yet. I know we are going for recessed lights, pendents over the island. A 5 foot section of the kitchen is bumped out and has a cathederal ceiling, with a huge paladian window. That part has the sink under the window, counters, cabs, dishwasher. The rest of the kitchen has 9 ft ceilings. I'm going for a white apron front sink, with a pull down faucet. There is a backsplash I LOVE on houzz, it has a metal insert over the range, and glass mosaics around that, then a square border around the entire part. The rest of the bs I don't know yet. I tried to put the picture on the post, but couldn't, sorry. It's hard to describe it, but it really is beautiful.

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i need some support! so i am doing espresso cabs and i just picked out bianco romano this morning which i was very excited abt but now my sister is scaring me and telling me shes not sure it matches because its so gray. ah! help :( also i was thinking of doing gray floor but then do i do gray floor and gray backsplash too? or is that way too gray? i really liked that pearly backsplash but does that not go with my gray floor? opinions? pleeeaaase. thanks!!

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