Old microwave used as time capsule??

postumMay 1, 2007

Hi folks -

We have a broken microwave. We also have a large hole that needs filling. Well, I thought maybe we could fill the microwave with time capsule items and bury it in the hole. It will save us the $15.00 recycling fee too :-)

Do you know if there is any danger in doing this? Are there any radioactivity or other dangerous things in microwaves?

Thanks for your help!


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Hmmm... neat idea. If it IS safe, I would do something to the outside of the oven, like paint it or write something on it. If it ever gets dug up, one might think it was just an old microwave oven and not look inside. Maybe you can take the mechanical workings out of it and just bury the shell.

Debbie in Florida

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You could check with your local dump/recycling center and tell them of your idea and see what they say about burying it. If you're able to, I think that's a fantastic idea. Maybe put it in a large clear garbage bag with a note attached to the front of it that it's a time capsule so if and when it's found, someone will know what it is.

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