What do I use as a seal to make something waterproof?

summercMay 3, 2007

I am new to this fixing up things. My mom gave me a darling little rustic table that I am using in my kitchen for my kids to eat breakfast at. It is so rustic that the paint is peeling, but I LOVE that. What do I put on it so that their spills or glasses don't leave marks on it? Polyurethane? Something else?

Here's the table I'm talking about:


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Summerc~ I don't have an answer to your question, just wanted to say how cute your table and chairs are. I love prim and rustic. Love that color blue on your walls as well.
I think a few coats of clear poly would probably work, but don't take my word for it. Hope someone else with more furniture experience will answer for you. Great pic! :) ~Anj

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I agree, clear paint of any sort would seal it. Just use a couple of coats, unless it is a very thick sealer.

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You will find decorative paint wood sealants at Michael's or Joann's Craft Store. The one that I like the best is Americana, it's about $5.99 for a large can.

However, just my opinion as I don't do sealing of wood too ofen - I think the suggestion of using a clear poly sealant might be better especially since the table will be used as an eating area for children. I'd put on a couple of coats of the poly. Don't want to take any chances that the paint is lead based.

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Summer, what a cute table, chairs and setting. LOve the wall colors, the big red star and the wood tone of the railing with the rustic table and red chairs. Very neat!

The first thing I thought of when you said your children eat off the table is how old is it? Could it have been painted with led paint? That would be my first concern. If it's latex paint then no worries. You said you like the rustic look of it and poly coating would take that look away permanently. I'd head to my nearest fabric source and get some very thick clear vinyl (sold on rolls at the end of most Wal Mart cutting tables) to use as a table cloth while the children are eating or you could premanently attach it by stapling it under the top. Either way makes for a very easy clean up without damaging the peeled paint look. Even stapled, if you ever want repurpose it, just remove the vinyl and you've got your perfectly old peeled paint table back.

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Sand first, then seal the whold thing. Then to make sure the top is flat, then you could paint top, then put a water proof table cloth on. That way you could remove to clean etc. Decorate the legs and under the top--you could even use decals if you don't paint things. Or cut pictures on, paste then seal over. Go to someplace like Home Depot or Lows for ideas on painting sealing etc.
Good luck

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I would sand it with fine sandpaper outside wearing a mask to smooth out the peeling paint flakes. Then coat with 3-4 coats of water-based flat polyurethane for protection.

If you like the way it looks but just want to protect the top, how about buying a piece of glass to cover the top? Glass shops will grind the edges smooth for you. Then you can display kids artwork or whatever underneath the glass for visual interest.

When my kids were younger we had a map of the world on our kitchen table under a vinyl tablecloth. When we discussed current events at meals we located the geographical area.

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I'm with Dian57 on the sand, then water based poly for protection. Did the same with an old table of my grandmother's, love it and it holds up.

Love your set up!

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I would use Folk Art Lacquer Matte Finish. That's what my daughter uses for a protective sealer on her pet rocks. A gloss just wouldn't look nice on them. The matte finish works perfectly. We've used it on hundreds of rocks.

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i want to make my own place mats
i need to seal them to water proof
any ideas please

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