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patches_02May 5, 2010

Granddaughter is redoing an extra bedroom as her tv, kick around room. She has permission to decorate as she wants. She wants an idea for a ceiling light. Ceiling is standard height so it can't be something that hangs down very far. She used pipe and flanges as the curtain rods, couldn't find anything for a curtain so using shower curtains. Now she needs idea for light. Have any?

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How much light does she need? If it's a TV room, your granddaughter might not want a lot of overhead glare, so I'm thinking... this sounds nuts, but I saw a standard kitchen colander (you know, those metal things with holes you strain spaghetti in) used as a light cover and it was cute as heck! Some colanders have star patterns, some regular lines, but they are all interesting and whooda thunk?!

Here is a link that might be useful: How to make a lamp shade from a colander

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There is a light that's there now. She probably won't use it that much but she just wants something that looks different hanging there. She will have a table in there for crafts and games so she may need the light at times. No big deal.

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Pegrini! I was thinking the SAME thing, except drilling holes around the lip and hanging crystals or beads or whatever appeals around it to make it more like a chandelier. This might have to happen in one of my daughters' room, just have to decide which one is the lucky one :)

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