framing a nook with fabric--scandanavian style

suz1023July 27, 2014

I want to frame the reading nook in my rv with curtain panels and a valance, and am stuck on the fabric choices mostly.
The reading nook is at the very back of the camper and is 8ft across by 3ft deep. The sides and back are almost all glass with adequate but ugly day/night privacy blinds.

My goal is to create a Scandinavian (country, woodland, rustic yet luxurious) vibe, using the camper's natural maple trim and white/off white wall paper as a jumping off place.

(Or am I thinking of the tv show, Once Upon a Time with Snow White's beautiful nursery in my head?) that is beautiful, but i don't want blues or silvers, but more earthy browns and greens and off whites.

Anyway the carpet is beige, and I intend to purchase thick comfortable rugs for it.
The entire room has a pair of deep chocolate recliners and a small maple coffee table. Only my recliner and a small table will be in the nook.

I am buying sheepskins for the recliners, to soften the look and for comfort.

As for color, for curtains i am thinking off white or maybe even green.

I'm also thinking it would be awfully luxurious to line the entire interior of the nook with off white sheers or lace panels.
(shiny or matte?) then the interior of my nook would feel pillowed in fabric, and somewhat insulated from the rest of the world.
That would also solve the daytime privacy issue and still allow plenty of natural light, which I want.
Can I do this and still somehow pull off woodland?

At the entrance of the nook on either side and as a valance I'm thinking of using deeply textured off white (or maybe green if i can find the perfect green) panels to frame it, but not too girly or beachy, you know?
This is where I get stuck on fabric texture.
Not chenille, that's too bedroomy, isn't it?
A thick cotton?

The valance is important because it will hide a cabinet which hangs from the ceiling at the rear of the nook, and while very useful is ugly.
I think maybe also a lush fringe on the panels and valance maybe with the curtain panels held back by an apple green or red ribbon.

Can anyone 'see' what I'm reaching for and help me shape this up?

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Have you considered linen? I am currently sewing a white linen shower curtain. The fabric is easy to work with. It is from

I tend to think of Scandanavian design as neutral colors (off-whites, pale blues, grays) without a lot of decoration. Below is a link to Google images for Scandanavian interior design.

A picture of the nook would be helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scandanavian interior design

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linen is a good thought, i'll look into it, thanks.

so yes, solid creams or naturals will work.
no blues or greys in this room, however.

accent colors are cherry, chocolate, green and mustard, I will use those sparingly and concentrate on the textures of the curtains instead.

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I am confused by Scandinavian woodland fabric, but here is what I found googling that description. Vintage, not exactly elegant.

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I prefer this birch tree with cardinals fabric.

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Or this tree fabric. Or none at all. You may want to hang neutral drapes and use fabric for pillows in novelty prints.

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larecoltante Z6b NoVa

Voila, I love that fabric! Where did you find it?

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oh that birch trees with cardinals is beautiful---I wonder where I can use that!
I think the curtains have to be a neutral natural color, it's the texture I'm struggling with.
I want lush textures, but not shiny.

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fw, can you give us an idea of a type of fabric that you think of as lush but not shiny? Velvet? Linen velvet? Is dupioni silk too shiny for you? Do you want it to be washable? Will you line your curtains?

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Vintage fabric was called Scandinavian Woods, carried by, although some of the sites rename the fabrics. Cardinal in the birch trees is listed as Hoffman fabrics. And the last example is Khantou tree by Schumacher. You might find the last fabric done up as pillows on etsy. Fallingwaters, I would look at ready made neutral drapes. You can send for swatches from Pottery Barn in the linens, velvets, etc.

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