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theeggshellladyApril 9, 2009

I know I haven't been around much, sorry. But I finally finishe a new project I'd like to share. This started as a clay sculpture. I used eggshells to mosaic it with. All the leaves were done seperately then glued together. The eyelashes and leaf stems are beaded wire. This kind of work is a little different than what I usually do, but it was a lot of fun. Actually, I had a blast and I can't wait to get started on another face...maybe a winter one.

I hope the picture comes out.

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Link didn't work for me

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KATI: Copy/paste the website into your browser. EGG: This is a beautiful work of art. I can't get over the detail and smallness of your tess. It's so colorful, playful, precise, and very artistic. I LOVE her lips.

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odd....even with the red lips and fancy eyes..
I still saw a "he", not a "her"...
I must live in a very liberal neighborhood...
well, actually, it's a college town and yes, it's VERY liberal.

intriguing piece.

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That is some work of art! I gotta say is a little scary, quite well done... but scary. When I look at it... it looks like a dead body laying buried in the leaves. Is that what was intended for this piece? I certainly mean no offense, surely everyone has their own opinion of art. Again I say very well done and I appreciate the amount of creativity involved.

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Thank you for your comments and feedback! Yes, he could be a she and she could be a he. I'll let the viewer decide. This piece is very out of the ordinary for me. (I usually do dancing figures, butterflies, landscapes and things like that.) It started out when I was working with clay with my daughter, just playing around. I came up with this face and an image came to mind and I just had to do it. I think it was so much fun because it is so weird and unusual.
Wisrose, My Mom says the same thing - It looks like a dead body buried in the leaves. LOL. And no offence taken.

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I like it in a creepy kind of way....hehehehe

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