need idea for red radio flyer wagon

jannieMay 1, 2005

My kids had a classic red Radio Flyer wagon. It's just a little rusty,but otherwise in good condition. It's just sitting in the garage. DH doeasn't want me to bring it in the house. Any ideas that would make it really desirable to bring inside?

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I don't have room for one in the house but I would love one sitting on my front porch with pots of flowers in it.
Karen L

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Great for the garen... you now have me wondering what happenen to the one we had! I am also on the look out for an old bike to prop under and tree with flowers in it's front basket!.. make let some sort of flowering vine grow up it.


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I saw one filled with someone's bear collection once. I think I've also seen them topped with glass for a sofa table? I'm kind of getting into prim decorating so I would maybe put an old quilt on one side hanging over with an old looking Raggedy Ann doll in it. If you have a fireplace you could stack some wood and scented firestarters in it.
I like the idea of putting it on the porch with flowers in it and add a sign that says "Welcome Wagon" ~Anj

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Anj~ What a great idea! I found a Radio Flyer last week, and I do believe that is what I'm going to do with it. Thanks!


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I have low one filled with pots of flowing flowers....and one with wooden sides attached to it that holds a couple of balls......usually a basketball and soccer. My son just throws them in there on the way in the door instead of putting them away in the garage. I have a plastic garbage can for most of them, but this is easier for him and doesn't look back either. I have lots of plants and some wicker furniture on the porch too. Just looks inviting. The wagon helps put some of the plants up higher and makes a statement!

Try will like it and can change it out easily if you don't like the look!

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Of course you want to use it for more than this, but saw one somewhere with teddy bear for Christmas decorating, I think the bear had a green ribbon around it's neck. I'm envious.

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Anj~ I just reread what I wrote. I was in a hurry and didn't think about the fact you gave several ideas. I meant the "Welcome wagon"!! Dah!! I think it would be cute out by my lightpost.


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That's ok Sandy, I figured that was the one. I think it will be cute too. I still have small kids so I have to wait until the are done with theirs before I can use it. Dang it! ha
Are you going to line it with something before you put the pots in it?
I guess you could use it indoors with houseplants?

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Actually, Anj, it's old and rusted anyway...but still looks pretty I'll punch holes in the bottom for drainage. Otherwise the water would just sit in it. I have two old boilers and several other metal things with holes punched in the bottoms, and they work well for planters. At first I tried using stones in the bottoms, but finally gave up and punched the holes. Saves a lot of headaches...and lost flowers!

DH loved the "Welcome Wagon" idea!


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I have two wagons sitting in my is DD's and one is a prize I won. I'm going to use them inside and for flowers and one for some larger dolls that I have. Either idea works for me. I love the welcome wagon idea as well.....hummmm now have to practice painting a sign.

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i have a little green wagon with steel wheels full of different kinds of rocks. Here in the desert, rocks are a valued decor. I have the smaller ones on the seat, and like the effect on my patio.

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Marcia Thornley

During the summer months mine sits outside with a pot of flowers in it. At Christmas time it goes under the tree filled with bears and stuffed animals.

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Just don't throw it away. Now that Radio Flyer moved off shore to China (last year), an older American made wagon could be worth money. /Abi

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I have some different sized terra cotta pots with plants in them in my wagon. It looks pretty cute. I love the "Welcome Wagon" idea. Hope you don't mind if I steal it! Think I'll be pulling my wagon to the front yard as soon as I make the sign!

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I always play radio flyer wagons with my kid in the backyard,have a lots of fun!! and my kid and me both are red radio flyer wagons collector,we have collected total 18 radio flyer last year ! Sometimes we browse the net and we do find some good infomative page about radio flyer wagons such as this page:

Here is a link that might be useful: radio flyer and radio flyer wagons

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