large vegetable cans (6 lbs)

flowersnowMay 28, 2011

I have quite a few large vegetable cans that I have been thinking of doing something crafty with. I did paint one...possibly a planter (plastic liner). But I noticed that the labels are very colorful..especially the peaches and tomato labels. I was wondering, since I have soo many, maybe I should sell them. Just getting an idea, but what would you pay for empty 6lb vegetable cans? 25 cents? 50 cents? 75 cents? $1.00? I am sure not more than a dollar...right?

Thanks for the suggestions! And, yes, I really do have A LOT of them!!!

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Aren't those what they make wall pockets from ? ( Google metal wall pockets ) Those would be great for that ! I'd pay a buck for it ! Leave the labels on -- they can always take it off if they want to .

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YES! I have seen some great pictures of them used as wall pockets? I tried my hand at mod podging fabric to them. So far, I really like the affect. I have these large plastic containers that fit perfectly inside the cans with an inch ledge at the top. I have already poked holes in the plastic and used it as a flower pot. Any excess water will just drain into the can so no mess on a table. Like I said, I have many...many of them!!

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