Another Bowling Ball Project (pic)

lydia1959May 29, 2006

Here it is in the earlier stages:

And when finished:

I used the silvery colored Hammered Paint, then patted on and wiped off watered down black paint. The stand is a candle holder? I picked up at a yard sale.

This one is a little different from the copper colored lizard one I did last year. The frogs don't stick as well, but I wanted to use them as they were some my DD collected when she was smaller. I'm giving this one away to my Mom for her birthday next week. I thought it looked kind of neat before painting too!

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wow lydia, that is really neat. i like it both ways.
great gift!
what did you use to make the frogs stick to the bb?

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Thanks earthlydelights!

I use superglue gel and wear the cheap disposable rubber gloves to save my fingers from getting stuck together!

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I actually like it in the earlier stages too. Really fun!

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Very cute, Lydia!

I have another ball sitting next to my desk waiting
for the hole plugs to dry, and it will become a
frog ball as well. I found a great bag of lizards,
frogs and snakes on the cereal aisle.

Much too fun!

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This is quite a neat idea

I think that I shall try it as well

Have bowling balls and even a little stand such as the one you show. I was wondering why I was keeping the little stand


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That is the cutest idea!
Wish I had a bowling ball left!
Have to look for another one.


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