does anyone here raise chickens? Ever make TtT stuff for them?

KellyFGMay 16, 2006

has anyone ever made a coop, next boxes, feeders or anything else trash to treasure style for their chickens?

Inspire me with pics if you have!


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Hello Kellyfg, I had chickens and when we did have them we used 5 gallen buckets that my husband rigged up for them to use as nest boxes as well as a 5gallon bucket for water was very hard to flip over after full of water but lasted them a while :) l used a large plant saucer and attached it to the lid of the bucket and made for a tight seal as well as using a 5 gallon bucket hung from the pen area for food as well just attached the plant saucer on the bottom of bucket with some large hole drilled out for the food to relase from. Hope this helps you some.

here is the link

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We took a crate from a garden display and used it as a nesting box condo for our chickens.

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My son raises chickens and makes the nest boxes from discarded cat litter buckets. They're the kind with the hinged lid. He just cuts the lid at the hinge and removes the largest part of the lid. The sides of the buckets are flat and sit well on 2x4 crosspieces. He stacked two layers of the buckets and it's worked well for him.

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Didn't know if you knew this or not, but there is a forum where they all talk about their chickens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Farm Life

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