Nervous to begin

susiewantsrosesApril 17, 2009

As a newbe-want-a-be mosaic crafter(can not say artist yet), I am terrified to start.

Ms Crazymosaics sent me a large amount of mosaic pieces to begin. I've chosen a bowling ball to start and silicon II as my 'stickem'.

My fear is deciding if I am cool enough to make an actual pattern or to do a random collage design. I will be using solid color tiles.

Anyone willing to give me a 'jump start'? How about a 'kick in the pants'?

I need to know how to do a 'sphere without fear'.


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OK - tell me what Mosaicing Police is gonna come arrest you for WHAT. You are all set - what do you have to lose. I remember when Nicethyme was worrying herself to smitherines, disecting, analyzing, questioning and she went on and on and ON and ON. And then finally someone said "it's just a bowling ball." Well let me tell you, she lit into that ball and made the most wonderful piece of "art" - yeah - ART - we'd ever seen. It's your BB, the tess is yours, and you can do anything your little heart desires. Break out the GEII, get set and G.O. Get on w/it girlie - it'll be W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.!!!!!

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Just jump in...the water is fine!!!

It's fairly normal to start with one idea and end up with something different. There is no right or's all up to what pleases you. You are ok with the bowling ball and GE II so just GO FOR IT!!

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Just pick up a tess get your glue and gooo!!!!!!! After the first 4 or 5 pcs you'll be on roll...and yeah shrty's right sometimes I make great plans and the final product isn't anything like what I planned. Sometimes my pieces sort tell me what they want. But that's part of the fun!!! Oh your gonna love it!!! Be sure and post some pics...

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You done yet?

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Hey gal, go for the gold. Many times I start out with a design in mind and something totally different comes out. It will be ok.


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How's it going SUZIE????? Need any help?

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I'm dividing up all colors and shapes and putting them in little piles, then I'm straightening the piles, then I'm... who whispered coward?????? I heard that. It'll happen. susie

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When you're ready, you're ready. Fear is robbing you of so much fun. I'll just bet once you start, though, there'll be no stopping you. What are you afraid of? Maybe we can help. If you want to sorta get a design, take a piece of chalk and sketch out your design on your BB. Then erase it, and go by the residual lines left and plunk down the first piece. You'll take off from there.

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Oh Come On Susie. You may be new to mosaics, but I have seen some of your other art and I know that you are talented and can do anything you try to do. I can't wait to see your finished bowling ball. I know it will be beautiful no matter what design you decide to go for....but I know that you are talented enough to create a gorgeous pattern.


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I can suggest something to take the pain of the first project away....
if the bb is a bit intimidating...
then, how about a rock from your yard?
you will have a fun paper weight and also get a small project done..
I've done a very limited few pieces and really have more fun, when my grandkids are actually doing something..
and they love it, when I suggest they go gather some stones from around the place..
they're here and every time the boys come over, they admire their own work and I love having them here, to appreciate the effort and fun they had, making them.

and the other grandson, 7 years old, who didn't know that leaves were rather fragile as a substrate, did it anyway...
he loves his leaf...and I still have it, up in the bookshelf, today...
5 months later..........

so, it's a matter of simply gluing some little pieces onto
something else...
buttons, rocks, sticks, shells, pompoms, broken dishes, bottle caps, whatever, wherever, and however you want to put it on...
you have the artist's license!
there are no wrong ways, under this umbrella!

sorting the things is fun, I know
getting to it, is harder...
getting it done, is a task...
but to take a picture and post it...well,
that's really the part that takes guts....
you know it, we know it....
and now, you just need to let go of the part of you that craves perfection....
mosaics 'ain't' never gonna provide that...
that's the beauty of it!!!

now, dammmmmit....

you know the

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Yeeeeehaw - STRAWBERRY - that's the spirit. Now SUSIE - git-er-done TODAY. WE WANT PICTURES, WE WANT PICTURES, WE WANT PICTURES.

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Slow, you are full of so much great information. I loved getting the idea of using chalk and then wiping it off. I'm going to try this myself!

Suzie, jump in. You'll be FINE!

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Hang on, hang on. Hubs chipped another toile plate (goody goody). I need to "cave-man club it" and then nip it up.

The bowling ball will be called "Where Angels Relax". I almost called it "Ball" but I'm sure that has been used before. teehee

Not only am I fighting a fever with Crud Interuptus, I am in mourning about Mel Gibson's divorce. Seven kids, Catholic (can a member who has a Catholic Church under construction using his own multi millions $ be ex-communicated?), and it's gonna cost em a half a billion dollars to his wife (dont forget attorney fees). Come on Mel, get a grip. How can alcohol and a fashion model be worth all of that??? sob-sniff-blow-hack I'm a mess over here.

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Come on you can do it !!! I was scared to d about making a bottle tree.I do not have a welder ( I realy want to learn how t w)any way I had pland for a long time (want tell you how L0)I di it this week it turned out real good! cI used wire my hand and armes hurt badbut I did it my way HA!!!
So take a lap and do it .

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Hello Susie,

You can do it..... Just think positive. Once you start gluing, you won't want to stop. My first project, which was a tissue box I just did from scratch. I just started arranging tiles and once I found a design i liked I started gluing. You can do it!! :)

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Ok nanatricia...Now we have to see the bottle tree! I have been wanting to make one too but haven't been sure how to get started.

Susie...have you jumped in yet? I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are one of the most talented artists around.

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I know how you feel. My first project was fairly large, but all the same material. When I decided to try stained glass mosaic I had the same trouble starting. I chose a picture frame for my first project and the top looks like an entirely different project from the bottom...I worked on it for a couple of days, put it aside for months, then decided to "just do it". It actually turned out OK...

Also, I just played with the tess for quite some time before glueing anything. I still do that when I start something.

All that said...I have 3 bowling balls here waiting for me to get over my fear of starting again.
I'll start if you will.

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Hack!!!! Cough!!!! Gag!!!! I'm still fighting Crud Interuptus. I figured the silicone II would be somewhat inflamatory to my sinuses. I PROMISE, I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. The longer I wait the more chipped dishes Hubs produces for me. HE IS SUCH A BIG BOY HELPER WHEN MAMA IS SICK.

The bowling ball is on the coffee table with all of the pieces divided into color catagories. The silicone is sitting there. I'm ready to 'rock and roll' if I dont die from crud first. Dont touch this posting you might catch it. Aaaa-ttt-chooooooo.


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OH Susie! I'm so sorry that you are still not feeling well. I hope you get better soon.


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Susie, so sorry you are not feeling well. Crud is going around here too. So far it's passed me by. Knock on wood. Just checking on your first sg bb. Can't wait til you get your feet wet. I promise you that you are about to embark on a trip that has no return routes. I know cause last year I started working with sg and now can't hardly go a day without doing something.

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I was so glad I ran across this, Susie, because I've been wanting to learn to mosaic, but nervous about starting. Somebody gave me 4 boxes of stained glass pieces that I'm just dying to play around with. I know I need to use sanded grout. Where is the best place to get a craft store or a big box store. Do I need to use color made for grout or can I use something else.
By the way I also have been fighting the CRUD!! cough..cough..sniff. I wanted to take a mosaic class that was offered near here yesterday, but felt to bad to leave the house.

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I found a quote for you today....

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." -- Joseph Chilton Pearce

I hope you're feeling better. I'll check in when I see you've started on your BB.

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