LavLass: The plan of action...roughly

young-gardenerDecember 16, 2011

Lav- You mentioned the laundry room, etc, so here it is!

Right now, we have this

But, the plan is this:

Dining room, with work desk between tall cabinets for DH to have an "office." Cabinets will hold office equipment and some seasonal dishes, kiddy crafts.

Our master bath will become the walk-in library (not sit-and-stay) and the closet will hold the new tankless water heater and general storage.

In the room that was going to be the library, I'm getting a REAL laundry room!! Fair trade, I guess. I'l have a space to work on my plants and sewing. Totally pumped, even if it is a bit tight.

I don't have a mock-up of the bedroom yet. It's still in my head. ;)

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I bought these lights:

for island

for sink

I've fiiiinnnnallly settled on dark knobs/pulls, aged brass lighting, white cabinets, beaded board backsplash, polished nickel faucets, and carrara counters. It took a while to get there. Blink, and I might change my mind.

ANYWAY, I saw this photo and thought of you...

I can't wait to see your cottage come to life!!

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Young- I LOVE that photo! I just saved it to my file :)

I can't believe I just responded to your other post (got busy for over three hours with work) and said all the same things LWO said! Too funny.

The chandelier is beautiful and the light above the sink is so pretty! I can't wait to see it all come have such wonderful taste.

I can see why you're excited about the laundry room. What a great space! The dining room looks like it will be so elegant and functional, but I see what you mean about needing lots of light, from the kitchen. Of course, you'll have light from the living room, too. Maybe add some extra lighting on a dimmer switch, so you can have mood lighting for dining, but lots of light for reading, etc. The 'walk in' library is such a good idea!

You know, looking at your picture, is there anyway to install windows (almost like a transom) between the dining room and the laundry room. Almost like putting glass in between those studs, above the doorway? If you have windows in the laundry room, it would bring in some light, without your guests seeing the laundry room, while they're dining. Just an idea :)

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Oh My young-gardener. You have a mess on your hands. How exciting to be able to make your dream come true . Love pictures. Your new ideas sound great. The lights are really pretty. LOVE your laundry space and sink and coat bench and and and. I WANT it!!!

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Wow young-gardener, I didn't know you were taking it down to the studs. What a project, but it is going to be so great when it's done.

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I loooove your lights!!

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LL-I've been pondering transoms, actually. We have to open the wall first and see what support has to stay. I did find a lovely transom at the junk shop today that I'd looove to use there. I revamped the kitchen today, which gave me a much bigger window in there. Hopefully, that will help, too.

Shades- Mess, indeed! Thank you! Let's hope all goes as planned. ;)

Marti-- We didn't know either! The mold was more extensive than we'd feared. So, onward we go!

Steph- Thank you! I had a hard time deciding, but I'm feeling at peace with them. I can't wait for them to arrive, but due to traveling, I won't see them until mid-Jan.

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How did you clean up your mold?

From the websites I read, scrape off the mold, spray with a bleach solution, and then treat with an antifungal to keep it from coming back. I figure we'll have to take off sheetrock at the bottom and replace it. Anything else I can learn from your experience?

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The man who is coming in to do the construction told us to gut, so we did. He wants to treat the walls with something; I'll get the name of the solution for you when I see him next. I'm glad we took everything down, because I found that some of the wood is very rotten and must be replaced. We have to pull up the subfloor, too. It rotted through in several places. The room we're gutting next (future laundry) is bound to be worse off than the kitchen. I didn't realize you had to scrape it off. I'll be sure to do that!! I'll keep you posted. :)

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Here's a pic of the boards...the part under the drywall in this shot turned out to be the worst.

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Was your mold white too? I can't tell in your photo what is mold or efflorescence. I dread getting behind that cabinet.

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