Here are a couple of new visitors to my yard

huggybear_2008May 26, 2009

I found all these at the GW store.. all except the angel the angel has been with me for many years..she usually sits right next to my sister's pic. but I thought this year my sister would like for her to go out and see all the pretty trees and etc.. My sweet sister passed away several years ago.. and she was not only my sister, she was my best friend so I wanted to share with her.

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Huggss I'm sorry to hear about your sister...The little memorial is lovely...

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Very sweet!!Jan

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They are all adorable! I'm sure your sister couldn't help but approve. Love the little bench too. I really like the idea of a memorial garden for a loved one. I think it is wonderful to incorporate little things they loved, flowers they favored or even just their favorite color into the garden. It helps to keep them alive in our every day lives.

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LUNA, Thanks for you kind comments.. my sister was someone very special to me.. I lost my mother when I was just 16 so she was my older sis and always there for me, even after she married and moved away to Ga. when her husband was in the navy,, but then they moved back home and we were the best of friends thur having babies and all.. she was the greatest.. I am the only one left of my family.. so it is important to have something to remember her by.. the angel is for her.. the puppy for my sweet little grandson who only lived 18 days.. and the big guy on the right is for all the rest of my family sorta looking over the other ones.. he has his suitcase and ready to travel when needed.. Lol I am getting ready to make another crystal birdbath only this time I want to make it a birdfeeder and add a fancy type of crystal ball and add some white Xmas lights inside so it can lite at night.. that is why I am not going to make it a birdbath.. do not think the birds would like to get shocked.. I have two ball types I want to try.. I will show you guys before I make it permant.. and you and tell me which one.. I may not glue the ball down so I can change it around if I want.. I have the base of the birdfeeder done .. I will take pics and show you guys later..

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