Finishing a Rattan Chair- (Pic)

jane__nyMay 26, 2007

I posted over on Home Decorating and they sent me here. I have four of these chairs, neglected over the years, but sturdy and in pretty-good shape. Some rattan has broken loose and the bamboo has some staining. Could these be painted and the loose ribbing hot-glued? I don't want to go crazy, but thought if I could fix them up with some paint and pretty cushions, they would look nice.

Not sure about whether paint adheres to rattan. Would some kind of glue fix the loose rattan?



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Well I have painted many a wicker and rattan chair. Just wire brush gently to loosen any dirt, maybe lightly sand if there is a shine and to rough up the surface. Wipe clean and I prefer spray paint. It can take a lot of paint though. Guess it never hurts to prime......either.

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Hot glue will come undone in the heat and sun. Better to use Welder. It's a great glue and some clothes pins to help keep stuff in place while it dries.
I've painted lots of wicker. Spray paint is the easiest way. Remember use thin coats and let it dry between coats.

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I'm planning to use the chairs indoors. I tried to stain them a honey oak color today, but the stain doesn't seem to absorb. I even sanded one and it still looks the same. I wondered if the paint would chip or crack because the seat moves when you sit on it. It's slightly flexible. Maybe I'll try paint.

Thanks so much for the advice. Where do I find that glue? How about crazy glue?

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Hey a fellow Jane!! I'd use a silicone based adhesive that gives you some movement allowance, like door and window adhesive caulking, and if you used an oil based stain, you'd better go with a primer, I'd say, I think the key is to apply thin coats as was already suggested, that way you can decide to stop any time and have any look you want, as you don't need it to "loose" it's wicker look! Post pics as you go!!!

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Hey Calamity, I've been called that a few times plus more...

Put 3 coats of Minwax Golden Pecan on these chairs and they don't look much different. Maybe a bit brighter.

Heres a close-up of the top of one which I sanded to get some stains off and it doesn't seem to have taken much color.

I'd like to make cushions for these if I could salvage them. I still need the name of that glue to repair some loose rattan.


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