Crash glass for mosaic sculpture

MosaicReflectionsApril 23, 2011

Hi Ladies!

I have the shapes for my school's mosaic garden totem that I asked about in an earlier post. Now I am trying to find materials.

I have read a lot about crash glass-tempered glass used in mosaics and am I am thinking about using that in one of our pieces.

I just have to locate some now. Has anyone used the glass from shower doors that is the hammered glass? Will hammered glass work or should I use plain tempered glass?

I have located a few shower doors on Craig's List but they all seem to be the hammered glass.

Any adivce? Thanks!

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I Googled for images of hammered glass, and think that w/be great - some have great designs. Another interesting glass w/be from sliding glass doors. Don't know how the hammered glass breaks or cuts, but you could experiment. Crash glass breaks by hand, and is very addicting to use. I got crash glass from an auto repair shop - it's from windows - not windshields as some think. You can put all kinds of things under both of these glasses you mention. Lots of mosaic artists are using it in their work lately. You can paint the underside - designs, also place photos, leaves, whatever.

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I am going to give it a try...I just found two pieces of the hammered shower door glass for $10 so am willing to give it a shot!
I am thinking of using this glass on the 18" sphere. The idea I envision is to swirl the colors of the rainbow around the sphere. For durability and waterproof/frostproof-ness I think that I should use the thinset mortar adhesive to glue the shattered glass and am thinking that I could tint the adhesive for each color I use?
I am open to any ideas or suggestions on this!

I thought about painting the sphere first, but I would need to use a clear adhesive. I really like working with Weldbond especially with childern, but have read mixed reviews on the waterproof-ness of it on outside projects. I wonder if it would hold up if I use a grout/fortified thinset mix when I grout and maybe a sealant on top of that?

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Weldbond w/NOT hold up outside. It's water-based, and w/rehydrate. Recently I made a little board of mixed media, and didn't like it, so soaked the whole thing in a bucket of water so I could save the tess. Didn't take but a couple days for everything to fall off. Good that you w/color the thinset for each color, cuz it really shows up w/clear glass. I'm so attached to thinset, I wouldn't use anything else for exterior use.

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Hi....also, to save you some cash, you can check with local auto body shops (especially those that advertise hail damage repair) and ask about some crash glass and they will probably give it to you for free. That's what I did. I took a container with me and they pulled out a windshield they replaced and smashed it for me. I was quite surprised because I thought I would have to haul it home and do it myself.


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Here you can buy COLORED tempered glass-gorgeous colors. and use the coupon code MASGO for 10 percent off (from a different forum Im on) and she sends great samples with orders.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maryland Mosaics

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I have seen a place that took tempered glass and sandwiched it between 2 other pcs of glass, and then hit it and shattered it, it looked pretty cool!

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Thanks for all the information and advice everyone! I will be calling a body shop tomorrow to see if I can get some side windows....can't wait to try this! I think I will first mosaic a small styrofoam ball with the different colored thinset to apply the tempered glass to before I try in on my 18" shpere! I am hoping to sort of swirl the different colors a tie-dye. Has anyone done this before?

Any suggestions on how to color the thinset? If I use acrylic paint will that produce vibrant colors or more muted?


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There are pigments for coloring cement. I'm sure you're anxious to start. You'd have to use so much acrylic to the thinset, it might change the makeup of it. I found that after it drys, it doesn't take paint washes as well as the regular ready-mix thinset for interior - unless you paint it while it's wet - that works a bit better, but preferrably, the Universal Tints or the powdered pigments are ideal. Lowes has some liquids, but no vibrant colors. Try Hobby Lobby for pigments. Delphi Stained Glass is where I ordered the pigments. Check on-line for other sources.

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Perfect! I have ordered glass from Delphi Glass before so I will give their pigment a try.

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I love using crash glass. I pick up shower doors for free on Freecycle or any time I see someone throwing them out. I much prefer shower doors or storm doors to car windows.
I have a tutorial on my website on how to paint crash glass and break it if you want to check it out. It is addicting, my students try it once and can't wait to try another project with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower door mosaic~A tutorial on Crash Glass

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I just discovered that the glass shelving for Ikea bookcases are tempered glass and only cost $10.00. I am going to try using that next time as it is much cheaper than at the stained glass store I go to.

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