Trash to Treasure Camper

christie_hartnerMay 24, 2005

I have found the ultimate find. Some old friends that moved over a year ago are still trying to sell thier house and I drove past the other day and noticed a camper behind the garage. I emailed her about it and for $100 it's mine. Needs some cleaning up but they used it before they had kids just a couple of years ago. Everything works, and is in camping condition. We have a 5 and 2 year old and have always used tents, so this is great for me (less work). The most exciting thing about it all is how I can redecorate it. We have left over lenoleum tiles from our kitchen for the floor and tons of paint and matieral. I just can't decide if I want to the decor to be vintage yellow and red with cherries or a cabin like feel with vintage fishing and camping things. I have both and am able to paint several designs myself. We had a bathroom at our old house decorated in fishing stuff and I have yards of old netting, and I once had my old kitchen red and yellow flowers with vintage tableclothes and enamel ware. Can't decide, what do you all think.

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do something easy care.....after all it is for camping and not for show. With two little ones, easy care is the key and go with something that will make it easier to be indoors on the trips when it is pouring rain outside. Good find and happy adventures.

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Congradulations on your wonderful find! We have had a camper for the past three years and we have gotten tons of use out of it.
What type of print is on your cushions? Does it have curtains? Make sure when you choose fabric to go with something stain resistant and mold proof.
I haven't done any decorating in ours, but I did have fun shopping at yard sales for all of the "stuff" we had to have. We keep ours stocked with dishes, pots and pans, blankets, towels, canned foods, silverware, dishwashing supplies (a washtub and drying rack), and toiletries (hotel soaps and shampoos that my Mom brings back from her trips). We also keep a couple of games for late night entertainment. I am ashamed to admit it, but I also have a tv and a microwave. Did I mention that ours is a pop-up camper and we have 4 kids (plus an extra one every now and then) to pack in as well.
It's a great way to spend the summer! Take pictures and let us know how it turns out.


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Christie I have a 1964 Airstream that I bought for a song before they became more collectible. I replaced the rotting cushions with naugahyde (couch is red, beds are tan). It just wipes clean. Once you pick a color scheme, it's super easy to do a vintage look, as cute vintage curtains, melamine dishes in the right colors, etc, are on ebay for CHEAP all the time. WalMart carries inexpensive quilts. I love camping in my old trailer and everyone who camps near us in their huge wonderful modern RVs ALWAYS want to see the inside of ours and they leave with a smile on their face.

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Although I am called to the bright prints.. I think the lodge look will serve you better as far as keeping stuff clean and using tough fabrics that will stand up to your kids... what fun!


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I got an older one off freecycle a few months ago. It needs some paint, curtains, and cushins recovered. I am having so much fun! I love winter and it's going to be my "Wonderland Getaway"! I go to a lot of yard sales and have many items bought with snow and snowmen on them. I'm putting up candle holders on the walls with snowmen on them and snow curtains. I'm painting it light blue with snow flakes on it. We are going to take it to Skyline Drive but mostly we got it to use as a "spare room" in the back yard for when company comes. I live in a small trailer and it is really nice to have this. Let me know what theme you decide on.

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A couple of years ago there was a neat article in Country Living magazine about a group of women who fixed up old campers in "cowgirl" themes, and pulled their vintage trailers behind vintage cars. The photos of the campers were pretty wonderful. I think the article is archived on the magazine's web site. It's worth looking at. Even if you're not into the "cowgirl" theme, it's still very inspiring.

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I just emailed you about where you can go see hundreds of vintage trailers decorated mostly cowgirl style. You'll have a ball looking at all of them. I'm sister #477 and you'll notice my trailer isn't decorated yet. When I'm done it will be covered in Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers and will read on the back: Wild About Texas.

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I just went through all those pictures. That is just wonderful. Do you try to camp out together and do you travel in a convoy down the highway together? That seems like a great life.

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