Meet Melba

cathyscacheApril 9, 2009

Just thought I'd share. This is a cow calf that was born around the corner last May. We've seen her and mama all winter off and on. She showed up alone about a month ago. Then we didn't see her again till last week and she has taken up permanent residence. She has been her day and night for a solid week now. She's been here so long our little dog doesn't even bark at her anymore. The grandkids named her Melba. She is eating on the hill where the snow has melted and eating is easy.

She has been eating and sleeping right outside the living and dining windows. It's been fun wathcing her and pretty sure she's gonna make it. They don't always w/o mama.

Here is a link that might be useful: Melba the Moose

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CATHY: If you'll look under "Messages", then to the right of "On Topic Discussion", you'll see "switch to conversation". That's where we can post anything and talk about everything other than mosaics and stained glass. Must be nice to live so close to a beautiful environment such as yours.

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Thanks Slow, I did not know this. I had seen the "switch to conversation but never checked it out. So sorry. Will go there from now on. Cathy

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Why is it that one person can post an off topic post on 'this' side, get many responses, and no one ever says a word about it being off topic? Yet someone else posts something off topic, and in the first response gets told to move to conversations.

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What a cute moose calf! She must be fun to watch. I hope she makes it.

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My purpose in responding to CATHY was to help a fairly new poster, NOT to criticize. Thank you THERUSTYONE, for your contribution.

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Melba has wandered on. We had a full 9 days to enjoy and watch her. The kids keep looking for her though and I find myself continuing to scour the hillside. Hopefully we will see her again, it was fun.
Thanks Rusty for your concern but I do not believe Slow meant it in a critical way. If she had not told me I would never have known. Always willing to take in knowledge!!!

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