Science Project-Plant Cell

becky_iaApril 16, 2010

Two days ago, my 7th grade grandson came to me and asked if I would help him with his science project. Who can resist a request like that? I asked what he had to do and he said create a model of a plant cell and showed me his science book with a picture in it. So I asked what did he want to create and what were some of the other kids in the class doing? Well, one was using construction paper, some were drawing with colored pencils, and some girls were making cakes and decorated cookies so I asked him if he would like to use some of my mosaic supplies.

I am sure he was waiting until the last minute to get this done! For two days and nights were have been working on this because it was due Friday (today). So last night about 10 p.m. he, his mom put the finishing touches on it (labeling all the parts). I wish we would of had one more day as we could have grouted the gray cell wall and pour liquid resin in the center. But we can always do that afterwards. He had to turn it in this morning at 8 a.m.

We used all kinds of things. Thank you Donna for the silver pearls (from my tess exchange!); we use modeling clay, stained glass and flat marbles. When finished, it looked like the picture! I think he did a great job!


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WHOO HOO!!! Grandson Hangin' with Gramma!!! AWESOME!!! You may have a prodege on your hands....!!!heh heh!!! You gotta tell us how he does with it!!! A report card for us to see!!!ha!

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How wonderful - y'all did a fantastic job on that. Oh, he'll get a great grade to be sure. I'll just bet this won't be his last mosaic project. Good for y'all. I LOVE it.

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Wow, plant cells as inspiration for mosaics! I bet he gets an A.

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WOW!! That is one great science project. Very nicely done.

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