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sladybug2May 2, 2006

I'm looking for more ideas for old white fence pickets. These are in sections right now but I could easily cut them down. I've seen benches and signs made any other ideas?

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oh my gosh - you are so lucky - so many uses - I put 2 in a corner of my yard that just kind of drifted off - really defined it well. Added a planted chair in front of it - from a nothing corner to really cute.

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I often see one in town on a house and I want it! They took the fence and turned it on it's side so the pointed ends are to the right and painted it to look like a flag!

Another house has a small section painted red that's sitting in the corner where the chimney sticks out from the house. They have a grapevine wreath hanging on it with nothing on it and flowers in front.

Or you could try what my Gram did...

Okay, Photobucket is under maintanence right now..I'll post the pic later when it's back up and running!

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Gram used all different kinds of scrap wood for this project so that's why I painted it! This is how it looks as of today but I seem to keep moving things!

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he new magazine"Junk Market Style" has some ideas for pickets. I found the magazine at JoAnn's.

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Someone posted a picture a yer or two ago of a wall shelf the had mmade. The pickets were trimmed down and shelf was attached to the front. It was painted white. Very cute!

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the shelf idea is a good one ,window, boxes, I like the idea that you can just use a saw and shorten them, to use for border fence, like around a tree etc, just attaching them to the outside of a shed is simple or just the doors,
use sturdy uprights and stack one on top of the other and make a trellis.
some neighbors have a plywood box that is used to hide their trash cart and they painted it all to match the house then attached old pickets to it looks like it belongs there.
I kinda scaled down a little and used them like this.
there are butterflys and other stuff scattered around on the now with a live plant in the center it was planter from the store. Rick

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Hi everyone. Just saw this thread and I had to share my trash to treasure project with you all. While I don't have picket, I found 4 pieces of short lattice wood, so I painted them in white. I put my hand made mosaic birdbath, on top of an old ceramic delivery water cooler. You can see the spout in the picture. It gives it a nice country cottage feel. I put a planter near it, encircled it with rocks, and added the 2 painted white lattice in the background. Lucky me, this lovely green plant, I don't know what it is called, just grows thru and around the lattice.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I recently used some pickets from an old fence I tore down to create some outdoor signs for my pool, basicly for decorations but also as way of protecting myself from accidents happening with guest. I painted the words "swim at your own risk","beware of sharks" and "no lifeguards on duty". I hung them on trees near my pool. I have also seen cute verses painted on them for indoor use like "gathering room" etc...

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I've got a section of picket fencing, the paint it once had is faded, the points are cut in a nice shape... I'm thinking of using the slats as the back of a garden bench. Anyone know of a website where I can find simple plans for building a garden bench? Or... anyone have other ideas?

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I picked up quite a few in our town spring clean up. I took a bookcase and put 3 on each side and 5 across the back & painted white. I also added some to the back of a bench. I have seen them cut down and a sconce/candle holder mounted on the front.I also made a flower box by using a board for the bottom and cutting down the pickets and mixing the pointy parts with the cut off parts I nailed them around the board standing up. I put a plastic flower box inside. Once I set up the saw and nail gun I went crazy!

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I just saw an old "Country Style" episode on HGTV where someone had turned pickets into a very nice headboard for a sweet country bed.

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I've used new ones to make flower boxes and on some of them I've made a birdhouse or a butterfly house and attached to the back. I've made quite a few of them, and everyone else wants one. I haven't even been able to keep one for myself. (Hope the pic shows, first time I've tried to post a picture).

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Frances~ that's bee-utiful!! ~Anj

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Absolutely beautiful painting. Make me one too please.


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