Looking for advice on tiny house layout plans!

amacalleDecember 7, 2012

Hello everyone! This is my first posting here although I have read these forums for advice many times. Now my boyfriend and I have finished the basic construction of our very small house (8' x 16' with an upstairs loft) and are trying to finalize the layout and begin building the furniture. I would really appreciate any input and advice on the plan I have drawn out. i uploaded the image to see. sorry that it is so sloppy I hope you can still understand it!! The plan includes a ladder to the loft leaning against a small broom clost that is especially poorly draw

Anyway we both enjoy cooking and sitting on the couh so these were priorities but I also sometimes draw and sit in the kitchen so I included a table with bench seating and wanted any opinions if this seemed awkward or any better solutions. Any input is really appreciated!! Thank you!

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Sorry here's the photo!

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Are you having a bathroom in your house? If so, I don't see it on your drawing.

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Unless you are being polite and are British and the closet is really a water closet, I would have to say that you forgot the bathroom.

The kitchen seems huge for the space. Other tiny houses I have seen have much less kitchen space. Do you have any clothing? Other belongings? Books? Don't you need places to put these things, or will the loft have room for storing things as well as sleeping? I have seen apartments five times this size with smaller kitchens. It just seems out of proportion to the size of the home.

Is this a full-time home, or will you live elsewhere most of the time?

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No haha we have an out house, and my boyfriend's family lives on the same property about a eighth of a mile away where we can use the shower and store things we very seldom use or seasonal stuff. I should have included that information. this is a full time living space with an upstairs loft bedroom with dressers. We live in a rural town in Maine where this stuff is still actually legal.
I've never really been one to collect a lot of belongings and have shared single rooms with people and fit all my things into a small dresser, but my boyfriend Shawn is actually the opposite so I guess I should downsize the kitchen to add more storage but was trying to make the kitchen functional for two people working in it. Maybe that is unrealistic in a 122 square foot house

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I don't see a fridge either.

it might help you to do the layout on graph paper to scale. will give you a lot better idea of the space you have to work with there.

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As someone who lived in a 34 foot camper for eight years I don't think you are going to like that layout. I would suggest flipping the whole layout. If I can find pictures of the inside of my camper I will post the layout I am talking about.

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As we just moved I am unable to find any pictures. I would suggest you look at small home floor plans and RV 5th wheel floor plans both would give you ideas on how to design such a small space. A few things I saw missing in your design is a fridge & shower. Now you are saying we can run to the inlaws. You don't want to run to their house in the middle of the night because you want to get something to eat or ah um get cleaned up after a romantic evening. And to live in a small space like this you need to make sure you not only truely love the person you are with you better like them too, as you have no place to get away. This is just a few things to think about. I think it is going to be a lovely place once you are done and you will enjoy it. I truely miss my camper and would sell this house and move back into it in a hearbeat if I could.

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Amacalle, if you don't put a bathroom in your home, you can never move it and use it some where else where you do not have access to a bathroom. The mobility is supposed to be one of the best features of owning a tiny home, you can take it with you!

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Also, if the drawing is somewhat to scale, the table looks to be about 30 inches wide. That is not wide enough for two stools.

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I am jealous of you !(I LOVE MAINE) Good luck with your plans--the link will give some great ideas.
I would consider a murphy bed with the sofa in front of it it will double your usable space. I will find the website & post for you

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiny house plans

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Here's the link
Click on the green sofa picture, the bed is in the wall behind it--A SICOî EUROBEDî with In-Wall Recess. These are not inexpensive but call for an estimate. Having said that the important thing is to buy a quality wall bed as the most important thing is the mechanism construction since it gets daily use, it needs to be well built. You can buy the wall bed and have your own handyman build the cabinet which saves a lot of $$$. I alas know no one like that so if I decide to get a wall bed I will be paying top $.
This company was referred to me by another wall bed company (b/c they didn't service my area).

Here is a link that might be useful: wallbed /sofa

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I don't know what to say.

Would not a trailer that is already to go that can be sided on the exterior to resemble a house be an alternative. I can tell you it will save you a few hundred dollars in construction costs. You could still build an upper level by removing a section of the roof.

As well you are going to need to draw up a scale plan if you are going to build it.

I need to stop here.

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I would also go to tumbleweedhouses.com and look at their plans and, more importantly, read their blog to get ideas for how to maximize a small space on a trailer.

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amacalle, I've been a little obsessed with tiny houses lately! Take a look at this one. There is a nice video tour included

Here is a link that might be useful: protohaus

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