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euglossaDecember 14, 2010

I'm going to have to determine where to put the box for ceiling light soon. I thought I had it figured out that I would put a ceiling fan in the center of the ceiling. But then I found a lovely little milk glass chandelier and I am changing my mind.

For one thing, with two tall windows and a door that can be opened I don't really think I'll need a ceiling fan for cooling the space (and my cat Elliot hates fans and she probably wouldn't even enter the room if it were on).

I have a reading light that hangs on the headboard for reading. I'd have lights in the closet and a table lamp on a dresser for task lighting.

so this little chandelier is only 12 by 14 inches. Is the scale too small for a 10 by 12 foot room? What do you think of hanging it near the wall above the head of the bed, rather than the center of the room, which would put it nearer the foot of the bed? The ceiling vault is going to be 9 1/2 to 10 feet. I would like to put up planks for the ceiling and give it a light blue paintwashed effect.

I'm going to upholster the head board, and can cover the reading lamp in a shade made of the same or similar material, so it will be nicely camoflagued.

Perhaps this chandelier is too ornate for the look I want, but it's got me thinking about where to put the electrical service.

There isn't space to lay out the furniture any other way, so putting the light fixture off center won't cut off potential layout changes.

my bed is similar to the one in the link below, not as tall, less square. I'll give it the same paint treatment, but the upholstery will be lighter in color.

What are your thoughts on the chandelier... too ornate? just right?

I really like the light, but I am struggling between wanting spare and serene and indulging in a bit of feminine frill.

Here is a link that might be useful: chandelier

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I have an even smaller light in out 13 by 9 sewing room/ guest room. I think this is darling. I do not seem to have a full picture of it.

I got this small chandy on Ebay and it is pretty small in a 10 by 13 foot room and it is just fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small chandy

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I like chandeliers in bedrooms, but I think you should definitely hang it over the bed rather than center it in the room. Not sure what else you do for light in the rest of the room though ...

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I decided that chandelier was too ornate for me. I am now leaning towards a schoolhouse pendant style, which is in keeping with the age of the house-1917. I like one that uses a 100 watt bulb, enough for atmospheric light. It's got the white glass I like and a vintage shape. I've put a link to one, not sure if it's the one, but the size is about right.

There is another at the website, too large I think, but a little more contemporary looking. I like it because I think it would project a bit more light up on the ceiling. It's 27 inches long and 20 wide, plus the drop bar. I'm afraid it's too much... if only they made it about 2/3 that size.

I'll hang whatever light fairly close to the south wall, which will put it over the head of the bed.

I have a reading light that fits over the headboard. I'll probably add a table lamp on a dresser and puck lights in the closet. That's about all I need in the bedroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: schoolhouse pendant

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Ellen, how about making that schoolhouse light with a dimmer?
If it is hardwired, there is always a switch you can hook it up to. In a bedroom, over the bed or not, 100 watts puts out a lot of light.

My DH put high wattage lights in our ceiling fan sockets, and when he turned them on, I about screamed....As for my tastes, the bedside lamps are where the wattage needs to be, so I can read in bed. Bright overhead lighting in the bedroom is not my choice to use, especially if one person is in bed almost asleep, and that bright light comes on.

But I do love the schoolhouse pendants. And the puck lights in the closet are fine, and the reading light on your headboard sounds great too.

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Yes, it will definitely go on a dimmer.

I'll see about an exterior light for the arbor (10 by 10 foot going outside the door), rather than on the door and I'll put that on a dimmer too.

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Ellen, about your arbor which is 10x10.
Does it have four posts one at each corner?
How about an in-use GFCI plug run out there and encased in the metal covering for electrical? Then you can put a 12 volt set of lights shining upward high enough up each post to emphasize the ceiling of the arbor, be it wood slats/lathing or green vines during a season. And if you have two plugs (the top closes so rain won't get in the outlets, you can also put four down lights or pathway lights to show the flooring especially if it is rough or stone or brick, and keep folks from tripping. It is also an option to put the indoor/outdoor dimmable LED rope lighting in clear or different colors, you'd need a 42foot long string to go entirely around the arbor.

Anyway, it is an option. One among many. If I run across any pictures, I will add them here.

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The arbor doesn't exist yet so anything is possible. It will be tucked in an inside corner of the house and there will need to be a deck to raise it to the step out level. It will need just one footing to support two sides, the others can be lagged directly to the house structure. It is a someday project.... after the addition finish work is paid for and the siding put on... I hope by the end of next summer.
I like the dimmable LED rope light idea. I'll talk to the electrician about the various options. If he can just run the wires in the general direction now and cap them off, I can have it finished when the arbor and deck go in. A plug out there is a pretty attractive idea.

There isn't much room to entertain inside the house, but between the new expansive carport which can double as a porch in summer, and a deck wrapping from the carport around to the arbor I'll have about 500 sqare feet of new outdoor entertaining space.

And can I say how much I LOVE my builder? He checks in often.

He called this afternoon to ok a change to the dormer from gable to shed style to maximize floor and window space and would be a better construction choice for existing roof. I'm all about adding the space and I like both styles equally. The dormer will be framed by the time I get home. I won't get to check out the view yet, they'll have a board over the window opening.

He mentioned how nice it will be to shingle the roof, since it's so poorly insulated (ulp) that snow melts right away... so now he's working up an estimate for adding rigid foam insulation.. I hope there will be money to put it on-even a little would help. I might even consider tapping more money somehow to add it. The kitchen and bedroom will be well insulated but the old log house with its cathedral ceiling has very little insulation space. Love the ceiling, but I'd also love lower gas bills.

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