Scored a few rocks

flowermumMay 13, 2008

A building that had burned down was being demolished and when I first passed by I saw large pieces of rocks and stones. So on the way back I pulled over and asked the guy if I could have some of "those rocks". He said yeah and he even helped to load a few for me.

Rocks & stones are costly, too bad I wasn't able to haul away the very large pieces. But what I regret is that I didn't ask him "where" he was hauling this stone off to so I could return for more.

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I know what you mean - rocks are so expensive . It's not fair that some people hve too many rocks and give them away for free - and I hvae to pay for mine ! LOL

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Isn't that exciting, flowermum? Our Fazoli's went out of business and they tore down the building to put in a Chipotle. My DH was there for the demolision preparation (he's on the fire dept - making sure everything was disconnected, etc.) and they told him we could have the rocks from the flower beds. We went in that evening and got our van full. Then the next morning, DH went back and got some more in his truck before they started. We edged one of our beds with them and added an extension. Dirt and mulch had a tendency to wash away here because of being on a slope. The rocks have really helped. Those buggers were really heavy though!


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luvs2click, I didn't get as many as you did. You definitely got some nice ones! I did happen to get one that I think will be a great base for a statue I have. I'll post a pix of it soon.

Your lot is very pretty.

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Goodness we are finding rocks like that as we continue to dig up our backyard for the garden. We have given quite a few away but have now started to keep some back to frame the garden area. I guess we should have saved some of the biggest ones before now. doubt more will appear. We even came across a cannon ball from ????? Who knows what we'll find next.

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budster, I sure would like to be your neighbor. I would love to be able to dig and find a bonanza of rocks. All we have here is clay.
: )

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This is so funny to read from here in New England. Quite a few years ago a rock started rising out of our dirt driveway. Dh and I dug it out and rolled it into the garden, its about 2'x1'x4', a perfect little bench. Then another started and we dug around it and quickly realized that it was too big and we had to hire a back hoe to push it out of the drive way into the garden. Its huge. Dh dug around the foundation to insulate and got a bunch of smaller ones last year, but they are ledge (flat) so they make good path and edging rocks. That said I also pick up rocks at construction sites when I can.

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