small houses built from antique materials

pinkpaulaDecember 3, 2009

I ran across this reference to small houses over on the Building a House Forum. Lots of pictures!

I think it is fantastic to build small homes using vintage materials. Charming, unique, and green.

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Those are cute little houses, but frightfully expensive. I wonder how they get away with using used building materials? Many building codes specifically forbid using used materials for structural elements.

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I saw this on a TV show. He is an artist and thought they said many of these homes go to need or it may be the reclaimed material profit that does.

He probably has to maintain the same codes as any builder or someone who moves houses and rebuilds them.

I love what he does too.

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we have always used reclaimed materials whenever possible..

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I think these little houses are just darling. We saw a show where an artist was building tiny houses from used materials for the needy and DH and I were amazed and how it was done. Wished they had shown more of it. Not sure if this is the same person or not.


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Those are cute. They look like they are out where they probably don't have to comply with a lot of building codes. Where I am, the only thing that has to be inspected is the septic system.

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