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frugirlMay 29, 2006

I just bought a maple dresser at the Salvation Army for dirt cheap. Unfortunately the natural wood does not match my colors, so I was thinking for doing something funky with it. My colors are Zen Green and Gold. I was thinking of cracking the top and the drawers (black and gold underlay or vice versa) and paint the dresser a solid green. I can change the handles too, so this has the potential to be a work of art if I do it right, which is what I am hoping for. I have been all over the internet and I cannot find a picture to even get an idea if this is going to be fabulous or ugly. What do you think. I love funky-chic, but not "jus' down-right-uglies".

Please let me know your thoughts. If you have any other wonderful suggestions I would like to hear them. Please make them easy renovations, I am still a beginner. Thank you.

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Sounds positvely marvellloouuuussssss darling.. Check out Debbie Travis's website, she's the queen of faux finishes..

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.painted-house.com/

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Try it, and if it looks ugly strip it and try something else.

Have fun!

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here's a before & after of a table i transformed with paint:



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