hey need some help on what to do with these two things

mojojojogrlnjMay 31, 2007

one is a victorian steeple window...believe it of not original hand blown glass still in great shape....problem with this is....what should i paint on it? i was thinking beach lighthouse thing, but when i started painting it it didnt go with window style...so any ideas what would look good on this goth looking window...

now the next is a mirror should i paint on the outside or mosaic it which do you think would look better and if i mosaic should i just do the semi circle or the whole thing....help lol

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Hi there-
With your painting abilities, I wonder if you couldn't make the church shaped window look like stained glass... paint some sort of scene on it-- it wouldn't necessarily have to be even churchy, but a tiffany-styled landscape or something... use a black paint line to outline it and replicate slag glass with the filled in portions...?

It just seems like an appropriate treatment.

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Send them to me! I have the perfect spot for them. LOL! They are gorgeous just as they are.

Debbie in Florida

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I agree with Debbie, they are fantastic just as they are. Quite frankly Mojo, I wouldn't paint either one of them, I'd display them. I'm attaching a pic of a decorative mirror I got at an antique shop last summer and have displayed in a bedroom. Now I know the design is different than your windows and the mirror makes a difference also, but those windows would look so pretty displayed something like this:

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I love them both the way they are,too,but the church window may look great with stained glass paint. I bought a window shaped like your mirror,but about 5 feet wide,no glass in it, I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Crafty, I have that same horse,and I saw one at a yard sale today!

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I definitely wouldn't paint the first one. the church window. It is GORGEOUS just like it is!

The second one, well, I would mosaic the window part with stained glass, and not the frame. And using grout in between the glass pieces. it would look spectacular with light from behind!

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I wouldn't paint the old glass, but instead mount a suitable picture or print behind the glass.

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On the second picture, I think if you want to mosaic, you should mosaic the whole frame, not just the out circle. You could use broken dishes in a flower pattern...very shabby chic.

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i did try to paint on the window nothing really fit it...so I did come across some paper dolls from the 1800's that are adorable...Im going to see if i can incorp them on the window...without glue or damage to the paper dolls...gotta figure out a back ground then add a back frame....I will kinda do a pic of the window with the dolls see if you can come up with a cool background to go with it...thanks for all of the ideas

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Hello, I would consider just cleaning it really well, lightly sanding and staining to rejuvinate the beauty of the wood. Then maybe add a shelf underneath, If possible use 1" thick or 1 1/2" material. Router the bottom edge of the shelf. Attach with glue and screws from the bottom. Predrill first and use at least four screws. You can then add appliques to embellish, in black or gold or stain as well. One last possibility is to do it the same way but instead of stain, do it all in flat white or pale pink paint. Then lightly sand for an aged look.

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this is what I think im gonna try what mechanica said....Im gonna paint it white then shabby it with stain add a shelf and then embleish with a stained glass ivy thing i have.... I will have pics as soon as im done....I hope it turns out awesome:)

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