SD Going For the Academy Award

hopeful830April 14, 2012

Thought we were going to have a quiet week after Easter's drama with SD...but yes..we have a winner.

I went on my soon to graduate SS's facebook to post a picture like I do a few times a week. I'm one of those typical Facebookers that post sayings and quotes..yes..:)

Anyway when I went to his page I saw a large paragraph from a girl that began "I miss your dad so much!!!" which of course caught my eye..I read a few lines and read a conversation where this teenager spoke of living with my SS's father, how much she missed him..and then asked my SS how he felt about his father's wife..and that she has heard all sorts of horrible things about me...

So..I simply ask DH who this teenager was..he got slightly embarrassed and told me that she was the daughter of the woman he was seeing right before I came in the picture. They had broken up about 3 months before we had met..I know of her, but had never really gotten involved in hearing much about her because my DH said he had ended the relationship because she was not the person he thought she was.

Now comes the fun part...he had found out yesterday that my SD had contacted his ex..and BOTH her daughters a while back. This is a relationship that took place 6 years ago..ok? They live in another state now..but SD contacted them and has been talking to them. He knew all this because his ex AND both daughters had emailed him through Facebook to ask how he was doing - since his life has turned out so badly, they say. They are asking if they can be of any help since he's 'so unhappy' in his life..all according to SD.

So now as of yesterday, my SS has made friends with them too..and is being asked how he feels about me after hearing about how horrible I am from my SD.

And now I have my DH's ex and her daughters trying to help my DH thru this rough time.....oh what a tangled web we weave...

Isn't it amazing how these ADULT CHILDREN go to such lengths to create drama? This woman is truly nuts....

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Not your facebook page, don't let it pull you in.

In the thick of things, really why does it matter. Dh and this woman tried it and it did not work out. They moved on. The only one getting any mileage out of the 'attention' this stunt is causing is SD. Remember, take the 'power' away from her. No awards if nobody pays her any mind.

Who cares what some stranger your husband dated before you thinks of you? Who cares if the woman and her daughters think your poor miserable husband is stuck in a terrible marriage to a witched witch? Meh, they're nobody to you.

The ladies just happen to have been caught up into the games SD is playing. They reconnected with your SS and husband to merely reach out and say 'hey'. I will assume husband has taken care of the issue and assured the concerned ladies that he is fine and no, his new wife does not fly around on a broom, but thanks for asking.

Who cares if SS befriends the daughters over facebook. Different state, different lifes, and I'll bet the excitement of reconnecting wears off soon.

If you/Dh give SD no satisfaction over this latest attempt to stir up trouble, it will shortly go away.

Perhaps the next time you post pics, post them on your own page and tag SS. Maybe I misunderstood, but you really should not be going on SS's own facebook page and posting things (unless of course he asked you to or seems weird). If he wants pics on his page, he's a big boy and can figure out how to post them himself.

If you make too much noise over SD's latest crap, they all will just make their facebook pages more private and then you'll worry just as much as to what 'they' are all doing/saying in private. Either way, SD got what she wanted out of this little move, she upset you and caused additonal drama for you/Dh without ever having to actually see or talk to you.

Ignore the SD. If husband thanked the ladies for their concern and then sent them off feeling reassured that he is fine and happy, it should pretty much be the end of it.

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So how has your Dh responded to his ex and her girls? See i think SD can try and stir up sh*t as much as she likes, and the ex might jump at the chance to insert herself in the mix, but only one thing really matters: how has your DH responded to them? I hope he's not giving them the time of day??

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