my new garden stone statue

monicatxMay 17, 2011

After Christmas I bought a marked down thrift store statue of Santa sitting on a garden bench feeding birds. It weights about 10 pounds and had never been painted. Don't know what it is made out of but something cheap. What to do with it? Just last week I bought some of that stone spray paint and went to work. That product is wonderful. I now have a expensive looking stone statue sitting in a small front garden. Anyone who walks by just loves it and so do I.

Now you know what Santa does all Summer. He sits in my garden and feeds birds.

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Would love to see your summer santa. Can you post pictures, please?

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I really wish I could post a photo, but for some reason the computer my son built for me will not let me upload photos. He doesn't know why. I can download but not upload.

I used the lightest color stone spray and am glad I did. It hides in my garden but is not invisible.

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Monicatx, can you e-mail me a picture of your Summer Santa? I can't promise I will succeed, but I will try to post your picture. I am still a novice but I am learning. My address is:

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I love that stone paint too. I painted a cheap ugly metal lamp shaped like a pillar with it. Much better! and matches another lamp I have moreorless.
I imagine that Santa looks like a regular gnome when its not Christmas.

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Sorry I have not replied for awhile, but my keyboard died. It was weird, I was typing and it just stopped. I could read my emails but could not type a reply.

I cannot email photos of my garden statue. Don't have a good camera (on a tight budget) I still love the statue tho. Also a squirrel has stored a pecan in Santa's bird feeder dish - so cute that I'm leaving it there. :)

Enjoy your summer, everyone.

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