I'm in love

citywoman2012July 27, 2014

I have never liked rustic anything and dislike dark wood beams molding etc.........but I took a tour of this home and it had me at bedroom and master bath.
It is just scrumptious!
Anyone else like it?


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Totally gorgeous.

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VERY NICE! Be sure to post photos of it after you decorate.

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bbstx too funny. There is nothing I would touch except maybe more French Country Chintz in some upholstery.
That is probably the first home I have seen that I wouldn't want to start knocking down walls etc!
This one is just perfect to me. I want it.
I counted my money in piggy bank...nope.not enough.

When I met my dear late Hubby I thought he said his name was Donald Trump. It wasn't .

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I understand your infatuation perfectly, it has a rustic elegance in the most understated way, I love it also.

I can't figure out what is the black structure that runs along the top of the double doors in the master bedroom?

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mitch, I had ignored that black structure, but on closer look, I think it is duct work with vents at the end and along the lower edge. But, we'll need the ersatz Mrs Trump, who has seen it in person, to confirm.

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ah, you're probably right, somewhat of a necessary evil but they made it work not badly.

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Not my style....but I'm shocked at the price....1.6mil for the totally redone house, pool, etc. on 38 acres in CT....it almost seems like a steal.

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I had the same thought. I think it's a bid of an odd location for a celebrity getaway, hence the price. Typically you think a celebrity might either choose Fairfield County, for NYC access and boating or sound views, or Litchfield County (very scenic and lots of celebrities).

It is a pretty home!

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Mtn.....I figured it was in a not very "popular" area. I'm not super familiar with CT, but my brother lived in Mystic for 10 years and we would visit at least once a year.....loved it.

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It's not just the beams, but more about how the whole room comes together. Not into rustic style furniture, but beams are a great architectural element, beautiful even in a formal setting, which is what I see going on in this room. Love it!!!

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Sorry but that room is an unholy mess! Exposed beams okay, but, exposed ducts, fabric panels not sized correctly or mounted correctly for the windows. Wood floors that seem to contemporary to enhance the rustic appeal of the room. Rugs that don't appear to complement one another & a jumbled mix of furniture. Additionally, anyone with Feng Shui experience will tell you that beam position over the bed is very bad.

What is so gorgeous about this room?

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I don't think I understand it. This is one of those rooms I would need to see "in person."

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I think those of us who love it see beyond the "faults" and only see the overall comfort it seems to exude.

No, it's not a staged perfect show house, it has a lived in feeling and it reminds me of the current hit song by John Legend , "I love your perfect imperfections"

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love every bit of it and would move in tomorrow. But I would change out the bedroom rugs!

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I agree with beverly27, my thoughts precisely.

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I like it because it's not so put together. It looks like someone actually lived there and was comfortable, instead of a slick magazine shoot.

It's a real estate listing. The furnishings have never been the basis of whether or not I would buy a house.
I think it's charming, especially loved the master bathroom, and the grounds are spectacular. The picture of the meadow, from the stacked stone wall, made my soul sigh.

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I just wandered back in and am so happy you found it as enchanting as I did ......since I can't eat......can't sleep....
have butterflies by just looking at the kitchen.
This love stuff is hard on a senior citizen!
Mnt. I never even noticed the beam over the window.

bbxts Love is blind! Lol. What beam?

Beverly....the home was staged with odds and ends.
Her personal possessions and favorite pieces had been moved out.

The home made its own statement.

Most celeb homes are too huge , too fancy, too modern
too Hollywood.

As with alex..this made my soul sigh.
She had listed this home once before but didn't get a nibble. I thought the price was good considering, you know you can get it for less and look at the land..
.....I would not do any structural changes ...just move my
French Country in and say..."honey, I'm hoooooooooooooome".lol

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Very pretty!

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