Safety Glass Prep

texasfernApril 28, 2009

I just thought I would post these pictures for those that have not or are just curious about saftey glass.

This was a sliding patio door we replaced.

It took a bit to get it apart and clean, and I should of started it early in the day, but all ended well.

After cleaning I painted one side with enamel and acrylic paints.

Just let it dry, placed it on a tarp, folded the tarp and whacked it in one corner with a mallet.

The most time consuming was putting all those colors in their jars!

Hope someone benifits from my simple tutorial.

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Cool, thanks for sharing that! One question though, whatever you will use this for, won't the paint fade or come off of the pieces?

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Thank you so much...I have some car side windows I haven't smashed yet. I will try this, it looks simple and great.

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You glue the painted side to the substrate.
I have several things I have done with this method and some I have done with painted substrate and clear glass.
I like the painted CG much better I think.

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What wonderful pieces. Have you used them on outside projects? If so can you tell us which paint holds its color longer out there in the sunshine? It's fun to see how bright these are. Do you have any photos where you've used these?

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Oh my gosh, that is the greatest idea! I can create a ton of colors and have them on hand whenever I need them. My mind is spinning with possibilities at this very moment. Thanks for sharing.

A really great coincidence happened last week, the windshield of my van was hit by a rock and it created a crack on the bottom of the--from one end to the other. What a tragedy, I will have to replace it! Now I have a mental list being created with all the colors I want to paint on it prior to replacement!

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I had some, but we used a piece of a spark plug the Porcelain part and i mean a tiny piece.
We laid the side glass from car on a sheet and friend droped that piece of porcelain on it and bang it was cracked. It was way cool.

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What a good idea! Has my mind spinning too. Now all I need is some safely glass. Thanks.

Donna in Florida

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Here's a candle trivet I made years ago.
I have made several other things but I can't find photos of them!
This is the first time I have used enamel paints vs acrylic so I am not sure about holding up, but if you grout and seal properly I would think that not an issue.
This trivet was ceramic bisq substrate, unglazed using weldbond.

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Sure is purdy! I do believe we'd all love to have 30 jars of great color sitting ready to be picked! Thanks for this information!

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Great idea...yah I can see I have another project...darn I already have so many I may never get done!!LOL

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