Child's Toy Riding Horse

des_arc_ya_yaApril 15, 2005

Bought one at a garage sale today for $1.00! (No spring, etc., just the horse's body!)

I'd like to put it in a flower bed and would love for it to look like concrete/plaster, etc. What do I need to paint it with in order to get that look? I figure I'll need to use primer at first and probably paint for plastic. Would the stone look paint do the trick, or do I need to use something else?


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I found this elsewhere:

"Q: I want to make all my ugly plastic planting pots look like concrete pots. How can I do this?

A: There's an easy way and a not-so-easy way to accomplish this look. Let's go with the easy way. There are several products on the market that can be sprayed on to create that concrete look. One I like in particular is a spray paint from Krylon. Simply clean and dry the pot, then spray the surface. You will have a concrete look in no time. If you want to be a little crafty and add some dimension, spread on a plaster compound and cover it with sand. Let that dry, and then paint the entire pot."

I couldn't find any paint by Krylon that said "concrete look", maybe you will have better luck. If you wanted a smooth concrete look maybe you could use a flat grey primer then lightly sponge with just a shade darker (or lighter)?

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I had gotten this off of the Home Channel. They we're making those light styrofoam like pots look like cement pots. First sand and clean off dust with rag and alcohol, then prime it. Then mix 1 cup of sand, 1/3 cup of black paint, 1 cup of glue and 2 cups of white paint. Paint the entire surface with this mixture. Let dry, then dry brush with white paint all the raised design. (just highlighting the raised design) They never said anything about sealing it. Its alot of steps, but the containers did look nice. I haven't tried it. Good Luck!

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You can add a handfull of dirt to your paint bucket also...some use childrens play sand or even pieces of leaves or limbs or moss in the paint to make it look old also....use a bit of green paint barely put on with sponge or plastic bag and then wipe it off it too much.

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In one of my gardening magazines they painted a plastic flowerpot with something called "Make it Stone" paint. It made the pot look just like that!

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I have had a plastic horse on springs for a few years just sitting outside waiting...I wonder if you could somehow use it with it up on springs and still look good? would I use it...grow some vines at the bottom and let them cover the horse?...(You can tell I'm not very creative)...We had a Bradford Pear tree cut down and are left with a 24- inch tree stump...could you somehow remove the horse from the springs, attach it to the top of the trunk and grow flowers under it? could I attach it?does that sound tacky? ha

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I snared one of these horses too, in hopes of doing something with it in my yard. Been sitting in my garage for 2 years waiting however. I originally wanted to paint it like a carousel pony, saw some on the Internet like that and folks getting good prices on them. I thought I could make my own. But the stone look interests me too. I've used Fleck Stone spray paint on other things with success but not sure about it on this pony. Maybe if he's primed it would work best?

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I just got one of these horses...mine is like new, complete with the springs. It shows so little wear, that I am probably going to sell mine.

A lot of people take them off the springs and make "look like"
carousel horses out of them.

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I have a horse also and have seen a lot of cool ones on here
and have used the fleckstone paint inside made alamp look just like apc. of granite.
still chicken witht the horse I think they look good in the garden on a pole. the reason I posted was the metal frme that the spring horses come on I primed and enameled and used for a base for a deck table for a friend it was perfect and solid.
I,m sorry you have some great ideas here I have rotten luck painting plastic the fusion primer is at the store but I have not tried it. Rick

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Um...wouldn't it be better to cut a hole in it and fill it with cement and then when set, gently pull/cut plastic off? That way, you'd have it forever...????

(scratching head...)

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Jump over to Garden Junk , do a search. Many have posted on this subject in the past. They use them as carosel horses all dolled up, in their gardens. SOOO beautiful!

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