Kitchen in a Box

dilly_dallyDecember 26, 2009

Ever live in one of those efficiency apartments or studio efficiencies where the kitchen is right in the living area exposed, or with a accordion slider to pull to hide it? Fugly.

Here is as great unit for a small space that hides the kitchen in an amoire style.

I love the idea of opening the upper slider to expose not only the contents of the shelves making them handy, but the whole counter area . Clutter is hidden when closing it and eliminating the need for those appliance garages. Unexpected guests? Dirty dishes in the sink? No problem. It's hidden.

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I love this!! Sort of like a Hoosier of olden days only with sink and fridge added.

Years ago I had what we called a camp kitchen everything in a box loaded into the truck/van whatever we had at the time. Was a great deal.We even used it at times we were remodeling kitchens or times of no plumbing. Not fun times. Hehehehe

This is really a lovely piece of furniture.


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