Need Uses for Old Lace

des_arc_ya_yaApril 4, 2009

Am getting ready to put several yards of different types of old lace in my antique/flea market booth. I like to include ideas with some of my "stuff" to help others visualize what they can do with it. I've seen a "Sampler" type piece of art - samples of white and ecru lace on a black background and framed. Don't know where I saw it, but I need some more ideas.

Put your thinking caps on for me, wouldya!? TIA

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Lace on a sachet pillow, small enough for display for your booth. Lace on a small lampshade. Lace on a makeup case or a soft case for unmentionables for packing in suitcase.

I have seen lace wrapped around tree shaped foam and pin on buttons. Lace on a small thread box with padded top for needles. Lace made into flower on a hair clip or lapel pin. good old lace

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Aww...thanks - those are all great ideas. Plan on putting a sign by the tray holding all of them (just to spark the imagination...)

Anybody else?

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On a movie yesterday(The patroit)that in the wedding scene the girl had on wide lace tied with ribbon at the neck. I thought, hummm, take 2 pieces and sew them together and leave room in the middle to run your ribbon. Colonial style chocker.

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Check out this link. There is an interesting apron and a journal and address book with lace on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pandora's Button Box

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different kinds of lace pieces on denim vests and jackets. I get all sorts of compliments when I wear mine. I also added a few beads and some ribbon roses.

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Heavy cotton lace could be used instead of ribbon for a French memo board with buttons where they cross.

Decorate small bottles with lace at the neck instead of ribbon and fill with beads or glass chips.

Paint or decoupage on hat boxes and glue ribbon around the edge of the lid.

Weave ribbon and lace on fabric in a "plaid" design to decorate a pillow cover.

Anything ribbon can do, lace can do better! Or at least fancier.

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This picture shows it used on shelves. I love the ornaments hanging from there! Maybe some inspiration for you?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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