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donnamabobDecember 9, 2011

Hi there! I had posted a question about my wacky floor plan a couple of months ago and received some extremely helpful feedback. I was hoping that you guys could give me some input towards what I've come up with since then by combining some of your ideas with what I think would fit our budget. We're not planning on staying in this house for too long, and are primarily doing this to make a profit when we sell...however, the market is working against us, so we might be here longer then expected. Anyway...

Again, here's the current floor plan:

And here's my latest idea:

For reference, here's a picture of the current front of the house:

Moving the kitchen wouldn't be too much work because we have a crawlspace for a basement and the stove is electric. My husband can do all of the electric work, and I can do all of the sheet rock. We would really just need a plumber and a stove-vent-putter-inner-guy. Not to say that this would be easy for us, but at least we wouldn't have to open up walls and floors and stuff.

So what do you think? Just generally speaking...I'm not married to this plan or anything, and it's about the 40th one I've come up with, so I'm getting pretty used to changing things!

Thanks so much!

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Your house is so pretty.

My thoughts. Where the arrow is pointing at pantry space use it as more closet for that bedroom and do a tall wide pantry shelf area along that wall.

Not sure what the dark cabinet? is next to the pantry If it is more counter space it might be better in a tall cabinet going clear to the corner. The pantry area you have marked is too small to be a walk in so you might just as well have shelves. I have had both and honestly prefer shelves to a walk in pantry unless it is at least 6 by 6 or larger. you might need to shorten the wall down hall to make that kitchen entrance wider to make room for the deeper cabinets.

At another house I had a pantry the size you have shown and it is just too deep to make reaching into the back of the shelves and too narrow for walk in. Save yourself some frustration.

Love the 9 by 13 bonus space. It is same size as our little guest room/sewing room. Is that washer and dryer in there? if so talk about the PERFECT mud room. And maybe storage for larger kettles for canning and pantry stuff. We buy in bulk here so I have to consider where to keep the 25 lb bags of flour sugar beans and so on.

The rest of the plan looks great.

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Thank you so much! I'm not sure what would go next to the pantry either, I'm really just working on the floor plan stage here so I stuck a gray block in there to reserve it as "kitchen something or other" lol. I think that you make a really good point about not even bothering with the pantry - the reason I even have it in there is because it already exists, and I'm trying to utilize as much of the existing structure as I can...but you're right, if it's better as kitchen cabinets or something, then I shouldn't comprise a good layout just to keep a measly 2X4 pantry. Besides, a bunch of people have previously commented about wanting more closet space in that center bedroom anyway...so it's not like it would go to waste. And yes! the washer and dryer are already in there, and they're taking up SO much space in the current kitchen...which is why I want to move it. It's so awkward doing laundry in such a small kitchen...and I'm always washing cloth diapers in there, and they stink up the kitchen! Not good!!

Thanks again for your thoughts! I've been trying to come up with a floor plan that works with this house for an entire year...you have no idea how much of a relief it is to have someone say they actually like something I've come up with. This forum is outstanding, and unbelievably helpful!

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Okay...I have a question. Where are you planning to put the TV? Not trying to be difficult, but I see this in so many plans. Great seating areas, but no place for media/electronics.

I like some of your spaces a lot, but my biggest concern is the kitchen. The location is clever...but the layout needs a little work. I don't know if I'd want to walk through the kitchen to reach the master bedroom and den...especially since the walkway goes between the range and sink. It would be better to have the sink and range close enough together (with no major walkways) that you can drain pasta or other activities, without bumping into anyone.

Also, the front door is making the living room more of a hallway space than it should be. I'm also still not sure you really need three bathrooms in a house this size. Did you say the best view is out the back...or off the deck?

I really like the way the kitchen is now open to the living and dining rooms, without being completely open. The peninsula makes a great divider and the stools are very handy. I think you're getting closer...maybe keep some of these ideas, but shift the spaces around a bit, or at least some of the doors and appliances. Hope this helps :)

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how will you vent the stove where it is? if on an outside wall it'll be easier.

are the patio doors in the dining area there already?

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Thanks! I think I really am getting closer, and I thank God for that! This has been such a headache, you have no idea. I agree, we do not need 3 bathrooms - but it's much cheaper and easier to end up with 3, so I just can't rationalize getting rid of one.

Honestly, I haven't put much thought into the technical details of the kitchen appliances, I just kind of threw something together to get some opinions on just having the kitchen there in general...but I totally agree with your points here. I'll probably end up having at two tier island with the sink somehow in there...once I start working out those details. Believe me, I'll be back on here when it comes down to the kitchen nitty gritty!

The view is best out the front of the house...it's actually a beautiful view and a huge selling point for the house. It's this huge hillside with a creek and a bridge!

As far as the TV goes, you know - we actually don't have a TV, and we're planning on installing a projector that projects onto a screen that will pull out from behind the curtain valance, blocking the window. But that doesn't help buyers at all! So, I thought that I would just stage it so that the love seat faces the wall, and it's back is to the stools. And yeah...still on the fence about the front door. I decided that moving it is the best idea, but I keep going back and forth between which sides of that room to put it on. Maybe it would be better closer to the kitchen, so that you walk right into the center of the house? That kind of sounds like it makes sense.

Thanks so much for your input BTW - you know, it was your idea to have the kitchen and the living room next to each other that even inspired this plan, so I definitely do listen to what you say and take time to mull it over!

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Donna I had the same idea to move the front door closer to the kitchen too.

I was thinking of what LL said about passing through the kitchen. At 12 by 18 you have a really large kitchen working space and really all it gains you is a whole lot of walking to get things done. Exercise is good but..............

The working area of our kitchen is 12 FT by 11 FT or close. It really is a good size to work in . I have lots of counter.. Below is the floor plan of the house. Showing it more for the kitchen area. Try to keep in mind there is a two foot stretch through the kitchen.

If you shaped it a little closer to this plan you could have walk through to bedroom and den at end of kitchen where pantry is located now. OR just move that wall at the corner of the kitchen to the end of the counter and put your pantry cupdoard next to your fridge.

No time to draw it out right now.

Also moving your living room door to the kitchen end makes it easier to place your furniture and some day TV. We had to put our TV in front of the windows and it seemed really odd at first but it really works fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor plan

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I like the kitchen there, but agree that it's a little big for the house. And it's got a lot of dead space at the bedroom end, which seems to be just for passing through.

Could you eliminate that cabinet that backs to the bedroom closet, scoot the kitchen down toward the bedrooms, and make the family walk around to get to the den?

One thing it will help is cut the sound when you are in the kitchen when anyone is in bed in those two bedrooms. My family claims I am beating pans together when I am trying to be so quiet unloading the dishwasher, and I saw the same about dh. (I'm a nightowl and he's an early riser.)

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If your family is like mine, the living room will function more like a den. If so, your den could be more like a private sitting room for the master, or a media room.

I also agree about moving the front door toward the middle. Just be careful the door doesn't bang into the back of chairs at the bar. That's what we've got right now and it's not a good thing.

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Thank you all so much!! You have no idea how helpful you all are!

Shades of Idaho - I took a look at that floor plan you linked to, and I think it helped me a great deal.

Here's what it inspired me to change:

This adds a walk in pantry, and an additional walk in closet (making good use of that hall door that already exists by the bedrooms). It makes the kitchen proportional to the house, and adds a walk in closet to the master bedroom. It also keeps the working area of the kitchen away from the traffic area. It takes advantage of the already existing door way into the den - and makes it so that you can see the already existing wood stove from the peninsula and dining room (it has a glass door so you can see the fire). Oh, and I really like that it allows for better furniture placement in the den (a couch instead of chairs.

What do you think? My hubby was pretty impressed with it - but I gave you guys all of the credit!

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I like it! It looks really functional. That open kitchen will be a big selling point too.

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The kitchen has much better flow! I like the input from Shades and the way it opens up to the living spaces. The front door placement looks better, too :)

Not loving the den, just because it seems too small for a wood stove, unless you take down the wall between the den and kitchen. The master walk-in closet is a great idea, but I'd steal a little space from the third bedroom and add that to the master closet (maybe some hanging or shelf space, as you open the door?) or even add a little from the hall closet/linen storage.

If you made that master closet larger, you could get rid of the closet by the bath (maybe a small one for the third bedroom?) and create a larger, better laid out master bath. A separate tub and shower would be great and maybe two sinks...and a small linen cabinet?

The laundry area still seems too big and a little awkward. It doesn't really seem to have an identity. Maybe add a sink and a work counter with room for a stool or chair to slide under? This would give you an area for flower arranging, sewing, crafts, scrapbooking, etc. Lots of storage, a few hooks for coats and maybe a bench? I think it could be charming, with a little more thought put into it :)

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I like this plan. Just a couple of things. I just noticed the out side doors are shown opening out. Is that for real or just shown this way to make them more visible? Not sure on the codes for a door opening out. Storm door yes, Not sure on other kind of door.

I might question if you can get furniture through the narrow opening in the kitchen between counter and wall. From the graph it is drawn on it looks to only be 36 inches. Might be a tight turn there with bed.I think we have almost 4 foot in that space in our kitchen.

Nit picky stuff. LOL If you center the master closet door you can do rails down both long sides and have more usable rod space. A corner rod looses hanging space. Ask me how I know???

If you can live with it do one sink in master to give you counter space. Many people can not live with one sink. We have no problem. My personal preference is tub over shower or just a nice walk in shower. No tub as long as there is one tub in the house for the times I might want to soak which is almost never.

Your master bedroom is going to be a nice large room. Our room is 12 1/2 by 14 1/2 foot.

The laundry room could be a home office if needed or a wonderful sewing room as LL suggested or back to the mudroom.

I like the large hall closet.We had one like this and it was wonderful to hold the vacuums and carpet shampooer stuff. Course you could also do that in the laundry area if you left it a mudroom. I am not one for all of that kind of thing always in line of sight so like to have a closet.

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Thanks everyone!! What a relief to finally come up with something that works! I know that this is "the one" because we're actually getting excited to dive in and do some work for a change ;)

-I think we're going to widen the door to the den, but leave a little wall space for furniture. Also, it's a load bearing wall so we can't fiddle with it too much.

-Yeah, I need to put some thought into the laundry area. On one hand, I want to keep it unidentified so that it can be used as any thing...but on the other hand, we have the plumbing right there for a sink - since there's currently a kitchen sink in there right now! I personally want to use it as a play area for my son, but...I really need to consider how I'll be staging it in the future. An awesome mud/laundry/craft/storage room is awfully tempting, and it would be so easy to do...

-The doors will open in, I just needed to de-cluttter the plans a bit so I showed them opening out :)

-UH OH! I never considered whether or not furniture would fit through the door!! Thats a potential issue for sure!

-Totally changing the master closet rails ;)

I certainly don't mind nit picking! I'm just glad we figured out a floor plan that functions. So many people said that we made a mistake in buying this house, and that it couldn't be fixed..And I was almost starting to agree!


Thanks so much!

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Donna- A play area for you son sounds great...but a sink will be perfect for finger painting and other art projects. Storage is always a good idea, for any room and a bench with hooks might work better than a closet. Then, you would have more flexibility, when it's time to sell.

A wider entrance into the den is a good idea, but check into how warm a woodstove will be, when you're using it in a smaller space. It may be that you need to move it or replace it, with something that gives off less heat. I have a similar situation in my (ploanned) kitchen seating area.

It looks like you're getting very close to a wonderful house plan. Congratulations! Hopefully, you'll be ready to start after the New Year :)

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I agree, a sink really is the best idea for this area, and I think it would be a selling point as well. I also think a bench with hooks is a great idea - aside from that, there's already the laundry closet right there, so I don't want to crowd the entire space with closets :)

Yeah, our wood stove is HOT - we're able to heat the entire house with it! We did consider the idea of moving it, even got a few quotes for someone to come do it for us (we're afraid of messing with that type of thing on our own)...but we realized that it needs too much clearance space to really fit it anywhere else. We did learn though that if we only put a couple of logs on at a time, then it's fine - so hopefully that will continue to work out. If not, it's actually cheaper to just get a smaller stove then to move it. Especially if we sold the current one on craigslist or something.

Thanks so much for your help - and everyone else too! I feel like you guys are professional design consultants or something! I tried the forum on "thenest.com" but the people on there were all a bunch of kids who stepped out of college and into an Ikea one time, and think they know what they're talking about lol. I mean, I'm only 27 years old, and I have spent the better part of my life on construction sites and worked for several contractors throughout the years, but I still don't feel like I know a darn thing!

I'll post pictures and keep everyone updated, you all are such an encouragement, and I want to keep you in the loop because I feel like your part of the project(s) now!

Thanks again!

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We've had a wood burning stove like that. Is there any way to take down the wall between that den and the kitchen so the heat can spread through the rest of the house better, and not get that room so hot?

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Not exactly, that wall used to be an exterior wall (that front section is an addition) - so it's load bearing, along with the center wall (which made this design SO much more challenging!). I mean, technically we could get a metal beam in there, but not for any amount of money that we'd be willing to pay :P

I think that we'll just open up the doorway as wide as we can by beefing up the header. There is an existing ceiling fan in the room (there's actually 2 in there now, so when we separate the rooms, amazingly the one in the new den will be centered). Hopefully that will help :)

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