70' fridge in a 66' space?

dgsgDecember 29, 2007

House built in 1953 with knotty pine kitchen cabinets. Cabinets were restored (3) years ago. Space for fridge is only 66" high. Wife wants new fridge that is 70" high. Anyone have any experience with modifying existing cabinets to fit a larger fridge?

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A really big hammer.

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Okay, okay.

Got a pic? If you currently have some decent-sized cabinets up there, you 'could' alter them, but that's some work; particularly if the doors are anything but flat panel; you'll be doing a LOT to those. It might be easier to get new boxes and doors. Or, take them out and put in shelves. Or take them out and put in something else.....

ANYTHING can be done; it just depends on how much work, time, money you want to put into it. A cabinet box is...well....a wood box. It's pretty standard workworking; what makes it difficult is how bad it will look after (I'm thinking the size might look strange, not from your skills), and how detailed they and the doors are.

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I face a similar problem. I think they make fridges taller now to make them more energy efficient. When our 14 year old Amana side-by-side cabinet depth fridge goes, we'll either fix it (probably not a good idea) or get a new taller fridge and have to remove the cabinet above the fridge, which we will regret.

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Lower the floor? ;-P

Check the specs of the fridge because you might well need more than 70" in height. Most fridges today require a bit of breathing room on top to exhaust heat.

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Actually most new fridges don't need breathing room at all - but check individual ones for this.

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I'd look for a different refridgerator. You might be able to find one that fits (or fits closer). GE makes some that are 67 1/4 or 67 1/2, I think. Seems easier to me.

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"GE makes some that are 67 1/4 or 67 1/2"
And these fit in a 66" space how? ;)

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I removed the over fridge cabinet. The two cabinets on either side do not go to the ceiling. Ran a shelf across the top of cabinets and added trim. Also added a wood panel behind fridge so the wall isn't bare. It looks like it was meant to be.

If your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, you could still add a shelf and/or trim. I'd place a panel both on the ceiling and behind the fridge as I think they would look more cohesive than a void between cabinets.

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We took the cabinet out and hung it in the entryway, now it gets some use. Above the fridge cabinet you can't use without a stepstool and we like to put stuff on top of the frig anyway.

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Oops! Sorry, dgds, I didn't read the current height closely enough! 67+" doesn't do you any good! ...Mine was a useless response. I thought if you'd only restored the cabinets 3 years ago, it would be a shame to try and cut one down... Maybe the linked Frigidaire FRT856ESB?? Only 65 3/8" high. But, as you know, shorter means less cubic ft storage and the DW might have her heart set on that 70" model! Good suggestions above BTW. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire shorter model

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