Need a Reason to Keep This...LOL

des_arc_ya_yaApril 8, 2008

Check out this plastic tray of a thingie and give me some ideas of what it can be used for. I've been on a decluttering kick and I'd really like to turn this into "something"! LOL

It's 21 X 24, if that makes any difference.

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The only thing I can think of is to use it for a climbing vine plant. I have an large galvanized planter outside that I had to cover with screen last year because the squirrels were digging up the flower seeds. Do you have something you need to protect from the critters?


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What about a picture frame? Well kind of. Paint it to match your "decor", then either use string across the grates and hang pictures or just use some kind of clip to hang them directly on the grates! You could imbellish with fake flowers or something.

Or paint it and hang it from the ceiling in your kitchen and use it to hang pots on.

Put some legs on it and use it as a funky outdoor table or gardening bench.

Or paint it, hang it on the wall, put S hooks on it and use it to hang hats or coats or something on! I would love to have something like that hang all my husbands baseball caps on!

Ok, I think I've exhausted my ideas!

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Do you have a window close to that size? Repaint and set inside the window.

You could cut diamond shapes out of the grid and put pictures in it. That way you still see the grid but display the pictures.

Could you mount it to the back of a backless bench?

Jewelry holder using hooks for necklaces and bracelets?

Do you have any neat cups you'd like to display?

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hang it up in shed or garage, hang a bunch of small s hooks on it (or homemade wire hooks) and hang small tools, scissors, string dispenser, twist tie dispensers or bags, etc.. It will look nice and tidy and make things easy to find. I also use one in my garage to "lift" a cardboard storage container off the cement floor where the condensation lurks! On the hanging one, I have larger S hooks on the bottom upon which I hang a bag of recycled grocery sacks, a bag of small rags and a bag for recycled small plastic containers that I save for gardening.

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It would be great just like it is or painted any color with little s hooks all over to hang a collection of lightweight items, or anything you have a lot of, jewelry, scissors, small toys, small signs, ornaments, spoons, etc. The s hooks can be made from paper clips. Contrasting or same color fabric or paper could be attached to the back side. Ordinary things become interesting when you put them together and frame them in something like this. Little wooden signs can be made easily with words or pictures. With all the scrapbook supplies available, you could easily make lots of signs in a short time with names, sayings or just words you like. You could hang all sorts of things on it, instead of having a theme. Linda

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You could somehow attach casters/wheels onto it and use it in your garage, basement, or outside as a low rolling tray to move or push things around.

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Use it to sift soil. You know, get the larger clumps out of it.

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Use it to dry herbs. Hang it up in a dry, dark place like you would if it were for pots. Tie your herbs together hang, use clothespins to attach the herbs to the plastic tray while they dry.

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I was thinking it would make a neat 'window art' piece. Using glass beads (with a hole in the end of the bead (pear shaped? Oval? Marquise?), you could use thin gauge wire & affix jewel tones of the beads in a pleasing pattern, then place it somehow in front of a window or lighted area.

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Use it as a door in a compost pile.

Use it to sow seeds, lay it flat, poke holes in regular intervals.

Maybe someone in vermicomposting can give you tips on how to turn it into a worm farm.

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I'm thinking either trellis or a "peg board" type of storage unit.

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I'd paint it, make some cool handles, add a piece of glass or acrylic and make a serving tray out of it!

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Thanks, everybody! I'm wavering between using "S" hooks and hanging DH's baseball caps on it or using Kat's idea and making one big HUGE tray!

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Paint it the color of your kitchen, or even copper-color and suspend it from your kitchen ceiling with decorative chains, for a pots and pans holder!

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