How to clean up brass lamp?

pecanpieApril 3, 2005

I picked up a an old but well-wired Stiffel lamp at an estate sale for $10 today!! It was well-hidden under an enormous unattractive Stiffel shade (didn't know they made shades) and it's tarnished, pitted and dull. Any suggestions as to how to clean this little buy?

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Toothpaste (can't remember which one at the moment) can be used on brass. And there are a few homemade brass cleaner recipes all over the net.

For the pits, can you take a dremel with a fine grinding drum and sand them out? That's what my father in-law did recently with some old brass wall sconces.

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Last night on TV, Two ladies cleaned a old brass bed with ketchup.

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I think that it is probably the acid vinegar and the salt in the ketchup that cleaned the brass.
You may try using a combination of salt and lemon juice or vinegar. Use a soft cloth, not steel wool, if it will do the trick.
I have an old brass lamp that I began cleaning with Brasso. I had to put it aside and I never finished cleaning it, but will try the salt and acid method next. I have used the salt and acid before with varying results, depending on the degree of cleaning needed. The solid brass is so heavy!
Funny, I was just thinking of getting it out and finishing the job when I read your post.

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Brasso and elbow grease. It has worked for me on many old pieces. Salt and lemon juice works great for the copper pan bottoms - I never tried it on brass.

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cut a lemon in half, and dip it in salt. Use the lemon as a "scrubber". Re-dip in salt as needed, and replace lemon half periodically. I have tried this on other metals, I imagine it would work on brass too.

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I have a collection of brass candle stick holders, small electric lamp, and various other pieces. I use grapefruit and water. Fill sink with warm water, add 4 to 6 grapefruit, cut in half, and add brass pieces. Soak for 10 minutes, rub stubborn spots with grapefuit. Rinse and dry. Easy on the hands, muscles, eyes, nose, and TIME.

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ok just to let you know, the lemon and salt does not work on brass...thanks anyways though.

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hummm, are you sure you've got uncoated brass FoxRocks? I've been using lemon juice (fresh, not bottled) and salt for years. you just have to let the sucker soak a little.....i put the juice and salt in a spray bottle, shake very well, kinda dissolve all the salt i can and then spray. have to let it sit a little but it least it does on mine. I would think the vinegar would work the same way. some of the newer brass stuff has a coating on it that 'protects' it from tarnishing; but it sometimes cracks and allows oxidation over time.

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I dip a rag in vinegar (acid), then in salt, and scrub.

If there is laquer, you have to strip it off first.

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Wash the brass with soapy water.
If the brass is simply dirty or oily, mix a mild detergent with warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the soapy water and wipe the piece down with the cloth.
Remove lacquer coating.
Polish the brass.
Reapply lacquer to the brass.
Wipe the brass off with a soft, dry cloth.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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