What's Everybody Working On?

des_arc_ya_yaApril 25, 2007

Hi, all! Haven't posted (or lurked!) in awhile. Been keeping sick grandkids. Just wondering what everybody's been working on lately. I've got three old castiron grates out on the deck. Plan on (re)painting them black and having mirrors cut to fit the back of them. Will post photos when I get them finished.

Got anything new to brag about, complain about, post about!? LOL

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Hi Des, glad to have you back in the Trash Pile. Hope your Grandchildren are feeling better, sick children can run you down also. As for me, it's mostly been getting things ready to enjoy the Spring/Summer and even put out a few garden items. A couple of my main projects this year are to cut the whiskey barrel I found last year in half and use it for planters but I'm going to put wooden poles in it with birdhouses attached to the top and hope birds move in. I've got some seeds planted in peat pots now to get them going for the barrels later. Second, I was thinking of planting an old trunk with flowers and put it in an area of my driveway that does not have enough room to make a flower bed. I was thinking of using some spikes, ivy, maybe wave petutias. Any suggestions on other trailing plants? I wouldn't even mind using a small wooden trellis in it to have the plants climb upward. With the trunk planted, I'll at least have some color in that area and it'll be my little "treasure chest." I found the trunk last year so if it gets water-logged or ruined, doesn't matter, just throw it away "again."

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Hi there!
I've got a plate rail shelf I've just added decorative trim to and need to stain. And I have this Victorian mirror I got for $5 that I've been fixing-- the frame needs some more paint and to be antiqued a bit, but the mirror's in great shape.

I also promised a friend I'd do a bit of a "joke" painting for her-- she's got this very serious French frou-frou decor, and the painting I'm going to do is supposed to look very pastoral and serious, but when you look more closely the figures will actually be doing rather humorous things.

I love the old trunk with flowers idea. It sounds like such a great idea.


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Planted alittle in small gardens. Cleaning the yard, breaking in a new dog and trying to keep my head above water. Not working on any t 2 t projects right now, but did collect 9 old windows yesterday for table top green houses.

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Hi! I'm new here. I'm usually lurking in other forums but thought I'd check this one out. I love all the great ideas. I like to shop in thrift stores and look for the ultimate bargain. I recently bought an old buffet that was an ugly brown and really beat up. The inside drawer was broken and it was missing a door handle. I fixed the drawer, primed and painted the whole thing white, added a decorative carved floral wreath to the center door and bought new handles. It is now in my bathroom and holds all my towels, toilet paper and excess toiletries. I am really happy the way it turned out.
Debbie in Florida

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow Debbie, you did an excellent job on fixing up that buffet for your bathroom, looks great.

Oh, and Welcome to the forum, no more lurking now, you've officially jumped into the Junk Pile and there's no turning back now.

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I love your Milk Glass and the buffet is gorgeous!! I recently saw in an old edition of Country Living that MG is coming back. My mother had loads of it when I was young, now I would love to start a collection.

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Beautiful buffet - I love how clean and neat it looks in your bathroom. Westmoreland Milk Glass? Looks good on the buffet!

Planning an "excursion" to the salvage yard one day this week with a junkin' friend of mine. She's worried that since the price of scrap metal has gone up so much they're gonna compact it and ship off some good stuff before we can get to it! LOL (Forgot to put that plan into my initial post on here.)

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