Recommendation for do it yourself book?

becky_caApril 3, 2005

I can sew, quilt, cook, etc. But when it comes to basic carpentry, painting, and the like I don't have a clue where to start. Can anyone recommend a good book that would give me the basics? I feel like an idiot when I go into the hardware store and don't even know enough to communicate intelligently. TIA :-)


Lompoc, CA

P.S. Guess I should have taken wood and metal shop in school instead of Home Ec... LOL.

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The knowledge from these forums are better than any book ever written !!! Just keep hanging around and asking questions ... Pretty soon you'll find yourself answering questions - then you can "talk the talk" with the hardware store guys ! LOL I'm sure we all started out the same way ... trial & error .... Have fun & don't worry about "the right way" to do things --- sometimes there is no such thing !

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