An idea for old records.....

lydia1959April 17, 2008

I found this on eBay. Super easy project.

Here is a link that might be useful: Earring holder from old record

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Well, how cute! Wonder how they made the holes for the earring posts to fit?

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I figured they just used a small drill bit maybe??

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Did you also check out her "CD Purse" - pretty neat.


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My daughter made bowls for a party out of old records.....just flip them on a metal bowl in the oven and then sag down. When cool, just flip over, line with a napkin and fill with popcorn or chips!
Another idea is to use the smaller 45's to melt like this and then paint and attach to a stick to make flowers! Cute in a bouquet! If you attach them with a brad, they can be a twirling flower for the garden!

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At one point in my life-I had a wide colletion of 33rpm records and teen nieces & nephews. So one Xmas-I made wall clocks for their rooms, which they loved. You can decoupage their favorite school, hobby, sport, idol, etc in the center-cut out the hole & insert the clockworks.

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What temperature and for how long to melt the records into bowls? Also love the clock idea. I have some out in the garage (old scratched up classical) that I just haven't been able to bring to the dump.

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In the 70's and 80's i worked in a factory that made printed circuit boards.(computor boards)I have a couple of them around here and for a long time one was used as an earring holder.At the point i got them,was when they didn't have any components applied to them yet,so easy peasy.I then just placed it on one of those plate holder stands.I still have the board,but don't use it for anything anymore.

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