Focal points; what's your favorite?

silvamaeApril 26, 2013

How do you begin a mosaic? I like to start with a focal point. The center of a beautiful plate is one way, but my most favorite piece of tess in the whole world is a mushroom coral. Imagine this as the center and then all white china, shells and smalti in rays out from the center (it's been done and done beautifully, by, I think, Sonia King).

What's your favorite focal?

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Sonia King's work makes my heart beat fast. It's incredible! I like to do watercolor paintings and then translate them into mosaics, or at least parts of the paintings into mosaics. My watercolors tend to be very colorful and not very realistic, so they lend themselves to it pretty well.

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That is so cool! A brilliant idea.

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Most of the time I like for it to talk to me but that does not always happen.Then I like a center .I have been known to move my center .

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That's my problem in a nutshell, SILVA. I have been going through this period of no inspiration to the point that I haven't a clue where to start anymore. I simply don't have an inclination to mosaic anything. Now ITSME - what you describle is what I'd like to do. There's a Flickr artist that makes watercolor/mosaic so beautifully. I want to do this, and have tried it on a current piece w/absolutely no success. Tell me where to start, explain your process please.
Here's a link to the Flickr artist's piece. Look through her album. The two pieces that excite me, and that I've offered to buy are The Blue Madonna and The Ancestress. She doesn't sell her work, and won't make an exception and sell to me. I w/LOVE to have either piece, and w/LOVE to know the process.
Wonderful Artist on Flickr

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Oh wow, just went and looked. Did you check out her 'New crop?' Maybe she'll decide to sell you one.

Well, to jar myself out of my epic slump, I have jumped right into the middle of something I haven't done before, and I'm winging it. Click to see. Can I send you something to jog you into getting creative again? I've got lots and lots of stuff!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's latest WIP

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By her "new crop" you mean the fabulous painting of The Winter Solstice? Isn't that fabulous?

Your newest WIP looks VERY interesting. W/never have dreamed of putting antlers on a shoulder. Looks very interesting, and I'll be watching w/anticipation.

SILVA: I have no lack for things to work with. Have several torsos in the garage, plus heads, plus a plethora of tess - just have no inspiration. Gonna start a small piece soon just to get back into mosaicing mood to see if it w/spark some ideas. I finally bought a roll of # 10 ball chain - expensive stuff - so need to find a use for it. Chris Emmert does beautiful work with it on Flickr. Thank you immensely, though, for your generous offer.

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I click on your link to her work, then I scroll down and on the right, there's a link to "New Crops."

Yes, you've gotta get back in the game. I put antlers on her shoulder because I just had to do something different and difficult to get me back in the groove.

Will post updates.

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Got this off Facebook.

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Slow, I've posted a couple of pieces I water colored first and then decided to mosaic. Since I don't do sophisticated water colors, they translate pretty easily. I don't do all my pieces this way, but when I do, I love seeing them next to each other to compare. I have been known to take elements from paintings and go from there, so that the pieces aren't really the same, just similar. The pieces I'm posting here are pretty much the same, except I added a cliff in the mosaic version of 'On the Banks of the North St. Vrain'. Hope that makes sense!
Hopefully my Flickr link works so you can see the paintings and mosaics side by side

Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr

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CHICKA - your work is absolutely beautiful. I saw your other Flickr work also. I see what you mean - you do the watercolor and use it as a guide for mosaicing over it. VERY clever and effective. I read that Caitlands Garden cuts up some of her watercolors and does a chop job as she calls it, and collages her pieces onto a project she is working on. Then she adds random bits of shards to her work. I love her work so much, but don't think I'd be able to pull one of those off. W/sooooo love to do that. I have acrylics, and just four small tubes of very intense watercolors.

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