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craftylady-2006April 4, 2007

I was out and about today and saw this little table and grabbed it. Let the "curb shopping begin!!" I believe it had glass in the top and bottom spaces. I am going to paint it and use it for a plant stand on my porch. I think an Ivy plant would like nice cascading down. Either that or some folks put bottomed out chairs over tall growing plants in their garden and let the chair support them. Maybe some hollyhocks would look nice in this. In that case, do you think I should just let it weather naturally for the garden? Stuck some faux flowers and bird pot I made in it for viewing.


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Hmm...I may be wrong but I don't think that was a plant stand before. It looks to me like one of those reproduction wash stands. The kind that the pitcher and bowl go in the top circle and then there was a mirror that attached to that and was in the back. I can see where something was attached to the top ring.

Looks good as a plant stand, though! Good luck with your painting :)

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I actually had one of those repro wash stands. I believe your treasure used to be one of those. Mine had a solid bottom for the pitcher and the bowl sat in the top rim. Mine also had a mirror and candle holders attached. It would look really cool as support in the garden or as a plant stand.

Something else that comes to mind is an umbrella stand, or something to corral tall things like yard sticks, canes, rolled maps, etc. Either stand it as it is or hang it on its side.

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Hmmm, you're both right, it just might have been a wash stand. I didn't think of that one. The best part was it was free and now it's mine!!!!


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It works perfect with the plants . Great Idea !

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