Sweet Home 3D

FlowerLady6December 25, 2009

Thought you all might be interested in a neat little program for setting up rooms with your furniture, moving the stuff around without the actual physical labor. It is a free program. It sure saves time, energy and wear and tear on our bodies and emotions when wanting to rearrange furniture.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet Home 3D

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OH MY OH MY OH MY. This is going to be so fun!!! I was considering making some furniture changes here. tis is going to be great!!!! Thank you!!


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Chris ~ You will enjoy this little program.

Here are three pics of our room that I am playing with in this program. The room is 8 1/2 x 20. We aren't ready to do this room yet, so I've got time to play and think. Only if it were so easy to rearrange everything. :-)

Have fun ~ FlowerLady

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This is neat! I haven't read the website yet to see how to do it, but hope to do that this week. Thanks!

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Flowerlady, please repost and add the pictures again. You must have moved them in the album?

The subject of design programs came up recently, and I think this would be worth checking out again.

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Flowerlady, please ignore the above post. I've found your new threads with all the pretty pictures.

Do you still plan that 20 foot long room? And do you still use the SweetHome3d software?

I just did a thread beginning my house plan with it. I've been reading the HELP file almost this entire day, and I am EXHAUSTED. But my results are posted in that thread. Be sure to wear your reading glasses. Making things bigger will have to wait for my completion of the instructions.

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