a 'different' use for old furnace vent grills........

iowajewelApril 1, 2007

My daughter had a new portion of concrete added to her driveway.....but it was squared up to the driveway and should have been rounded off so that the corner of the yard would not be driven on. So.......in an effort to fill in the corner that was driven over throughout the winter and ended up being a muddy corner, we put down old furnace vent grills picked up at a salvage business. We set them in sand to level with the concrete and filled with dirt and then seeded. They should hold the dirt and make an even surface to mow over........and look good.

I will post pictures after the grass is up and the effect of the "pattern" should be showing more!!!!

Just thought I would share in case someone else has a piece of dirt by a driveway or walkway that needs to be stablized. I would think it could also be used to make walkways.

Cheap too....


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I think I can get the gist of the "pattern" you're describing, the grass growing up through the vent openings. Sounds interesting, we'll all just have to wait for pics.


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What a creative idea. Great. I'd love to see the photos.

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