Sarah Richardson and Smaller Homes

MoccasinDecember 25, 2012

I'm putting in a link to a show that features Sarah Richardson, and the pictures of tiny dwellings done up right.

I was really checking for the HGTV program schedule, since I've become disenchanted with their programming which seems more and more to feature high dollar homes, huge spaces, and always always giving outrageous figures for the cost. It is enough to make me change channels. I've become more frequent visitor to DIY Network instead. That's where I find Mike Holmes and Nicole Curtis (Reno Addict) and she is not just capable, she is young and has a positive attitude.

But, here's the link to the Sarah Richardson spot. Photos of smaller places done right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pint Sized Palaces Pictures

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Hmmm, actually that link doesn't do Sarah properly. So I'll have to try again. Nothing WRONG with the link, it is definitely on topic with smaller spaces. But I wanted the Sarah classy places. Let me do this again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Full episodes of Sarah's Farmhouse rebuild

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the channel that has the extreme homes (I think) had on 'tiny TX homes' a wk or so ago. That made me think of here. someone down there puts 'em together from salvaged wood / other stuff and sells them. They can be pricey too.

I've watched some Sarah shows and like them - maybe because I haven't watched a ton of them yet.

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