Question about Bowling Balls

tealcatfanApril 7, 2006

I have a question.

Has anyone done the Bowling Balls and put them in the ground? The reason I ask is today I was at a thrift Store buying 2 Bowling Balls and the lady asked me what I was going to do with them and told her Paint them and put them in my small garden in the front of my house.

She told me she made 2 and they cracked in half from the heat and cold of the weather.

Just wondered if anyone has ever experienced this. I sure don't want to spend all that time painting and then they crack on me.

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Mine sat out this winter and seems to be fine. I glued the 1/2 marbles on mine. I love the look and my family has finally stopped ragging on me about my junk!
Karen L

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Go over to garden Junk forum and see what the ladies that live in your climate do.If you live where there are harsh wintes you may have to bring them in.I live in S.Calif and mine stay out all year long,365 24/7.I also do mine with the 1/2 marbles and the GE silicone glue.
My sister in N.Y. state also has some in her garden,but i never thought to ask her what she does in the winter.Will have to remember to do that.

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My sister leaves hers out in the winter,and so far,no problem.

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I've made two bowling balls, one with half marbles with no grout, and one with stain glass and grout. Both have been out in the Michigan weather for the past 5 years, and they both are still look like brand new. I didn't paint or seal the balls, but I do have them up off the ground on stands.

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I have a bunch of BBs- some sitting on the ground, others in stands- and none have ever cracked.

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I have had 3 that I did 5 years ago.I never bring them in and no problems.I painted pictures on them and sealed it with indoor/outdoor sealer. They still look brand new.

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Thank You one and all for all the responses. I made 7 so we will see how they do.

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