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marti8aDecember 30, 2009

Are you having email problems? I explained why in a previous post but it was removed, and I my last email to you bounced. I don't know any other way to alert you to a possible problem with your email.

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I shouldn't be having problems. Or maybe this is a good check to see. Chris and I are interacting via email and not a problem. I'll send you an email and see if it will work for you.


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I opened an email from you yesterday that was a bunch of links, and they looked like a foreign language.

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Gads, what the heck is going on. Your emails are fine at my end. And have sent others email without any problems.
Maybe both of us should run our spyware.

There is one virus that drives me crazy. It comes from links when searching and very difficult to recognize it when searching, plus stop the stupid thing.

The link brings up a screen telling you there are viruses and to click on it to run spyware. It is so quick you can't stop the thing, starts running like crazy.

I have it down now to catch it, but who knows what it does in just a short time. There was a news article on this and everyone has a chance for this to show up. Most people do not realize it is an invasion of such. So I'm not the only one getting hit.

Anyhow, time to run spyware.

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Yep, it just cost me $165 to have that one cleaned off my computer - well a couple of weeks ago.

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Probably around the same time you got hit, I had to delete my entire address book on Yahoo, which was hacked. Also changed every password everywhere, and disrupted an even keel of visiting my favorite most visited sites by not storing any information, what with purging every cookie on the computer. It was some form of email intrusion into my privacy. Do not know if Facebook was involved, but I removed all personal detail from my profile there.

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I got it from clicking on a link found by a search engine.

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Ignore this, I just wanted to see if something weird is going on with the forum. For some reason, I've gotten the last 2 posts to this thread in my email, but not anything from other threads, and I KNOW I didn't click on the thing to send replies to my email.

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You definitely have a virus. It invaded my email and I had to do major clean-up/Restore to get rid of. Before you send email to anyone else, please do the same. It really wrecks havoc and is pulling personal info.

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When I took my computer to the shop, they cleaned off a spybot, but said I didn't have a virus.

Oh & I did check this thread to send to my email. I have a bad case of CRS.

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