Escapade...mosaic mirror

stjohnsgypsyApril 30, 2008

Here's a mirror I did for an art show. I had it priced at $125.00........the gallery takes 35%......any advice regarding pricing..hate pricing. Click on it to enlarge.

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I add up what my materials cost me then $10hr for my time, I figure if I don't sell it for at least that, then I'd be ripping myself off! I sure like those oblong tiles!!! They are sooo leafy looking!

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Yes janet what in the world are those leaf tiles?Also the ones that are multicolored around the orange thingy??

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Gyspy, That is really nice. I have NO clue as to pricing. I like what Jane said about cost of materials plus $10 hr.. depending on how hard it was to do, and timing you could even add on to that. Isn't that close to minimum wage these days???

Add on the cost of ER visits depending on how many fingers were damaged while working on that particular piece .. LOL

Great job, beautiful work.. And I love that name!!!

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Thanks guys...Calamity...the "oblong tiles that are leafy looking" are leaves..I THINK??? Got them from Wits End....Annie....the colorful things around the orange glass gem are beads I got at Michaels if my memory serves me correct...thanks Mermaid...I have a hard time coming up with names..I stare and stare and stare........until it hits me...

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