need a stand for my fan... see pic

vacuumfreakApril 19, 2007

I have a fan that I bought a few years ago and only used about 3 months. It even has a remote control and I like it a lot. However, during a move, I broke the plastic that holds the stand in place off. I was thinking of using some PVC pipe to make a new stand for it. Maybe some of you have an idea that would help me to keep it out of the garbage. When the plastic broke off, I like an idiot threw the original stand away. Thanks in advance :o)

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Oh Boy, those are really nice fans, rotten dilemma. The only thing I can come up with is using a broom stick for it to stand up on. Or, you might want to use a garden umbrella iron stand to attach it to but those things are around $23 a piece.


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Maybe you could check out the manufacturer of the fan online and see if you could buy just that part. Just a suggestion. Good luck! Carol

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how about threading a swag lamp chain over the power cord and hanging it from a ceiling hook?

Here is a link that might be useful: swag lamp kit

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That little broken piece looks like it might be enough to glue a piece of PVC to. I imagine you could use the purple PVC stuff that glues them tight.

But what about the stand at the bottom.


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you and someone else could take turns holding it to cool each other. but i have a suggestion. throw the fan away and buy a new one with stand. the worry isn't worth it.

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We live in such a disposable society. If that is what I wanted to do, dustyknees I wouldn't have made this post. I'd have thrown it away and bough a tower fan instead. Thanks for the suggestion. (NOT) Does someone asking for a way to keep something out of the dumpster sound like they want to instead throw it IN the dumpster and buy something new just because it's easier? Did you use logic when you wrote that? Is this the trash to treasure forum, or am I confused?

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freak. huh.
two words: duct tape. many colors to choose from to blend in with your decor.
if that doesn't make your teeth rattle. i have another suggestion. find an old or new floor lamp. minus the lamp fixture. the fan just might fit into the top opening of that lamp stand.might need to use some cardboard paper to make it a snug fit. is that logical?

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I had the same thing happen to my fan I used in my laundry room.I put a hook up in the corner of the ceiling and hung the fan from the hook.It worked like a charm!

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PVC pipe.....for a homemade stand.
Even if you decide not to make a stand, use the
fan blades to make a 'flower' for the garden, and the
metal cage pieces as planters-hang them with chain....

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